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“Learning Curve” for Users of Marijuana in Colorado

A recent study found that there may be a “learning curve” when it comes to the safe use of marijuana.
The study was published in The New England Journal of Medicine and was conducted by five researchers who examined data on emergency room visits at a hospital in Aurora, Colorado both before and after marijuana was legalized within the state. Researchers wanted to determine whether hospitalizations and medical emergencies were more likely as a result of increased marijuana use.
What researchers found was very interesting. According to the data, out-of-state visitors to Colorado began heading to the hospital emergency department at an alarming rate after cannabis was legalized. In 2014, non-residents went to the hospital for potential marijuana-related health issues at a rate of 168 people per 10,000 visitors, a rate nearly twice as high as the previous year.
By contrast, the rate of in-state residents who had to go to the hospital for marijuana health issues was nearly identical from year to year. The study’s authors suggest that one reason for the disparity between residents and non-residents is that out-of-state visitors may not yet understand their levels of tolerance for pot. As these visitors become more knowledgeable about their own limits and learn about the relative strengths of various strains of marijuana, researchers said, the number of hospital visits may stabilize.
Marijuana is Still Illegal in New Jersey
At this time, four states, including Colorado, have already voted to legalize recreational marijuana use, while another 19 states have legalized the use of medicinal marijuana. There are also a number of states that could soon see pushes for legalization within their own state borders, with some observers predicting that 2016 could represent a massive expansion of marijuana legalization across the U.S. as voters get to decide on marijuana ballot initiatives.
However, marijuana possession and marijuana distribution remain illegal in the State of New Jersey. Moreover, law enforcement and local prosecutors are really cracking down on drug-related crimes, making it more important than ever for anyone charged with a drug offense in New Jersey to secure qualified legal representation.
For additional information, check out the Motley Fool article, “This Marijuana Case Study Finds Another Potential Knock against the Drug.”
If you or a loved one has been arrested for simple possession of marijuana, heroin possession or any other drug offense in New Jersey, you need to talk to a qualified criminal defense lawyer. The experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorneys at Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. will help you fight your drug charges and avoid the most severe penalties. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation.

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