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“Making a Murderer” Lawyer Goes Public with Claims about New Evidence in Murder Case

The Netflix series “Making a Murderer” garnered national headlines when outraged viewers began to petition the government, at both the federal and state levels, to re-open the case of Steven Avery. Although Avery, a Wisconsin man who was convicted of the murder charges of Teresa Halbach in 2005, still remains in prison, he has a new defense attorney seeking the best ways to appeal the conviction and free her client.
Avery’s new lawyer, considered by some to be an expert when it comes to wrongful convictions, recently used social media to publicize her thoughts on Avery’s case. On Twitter, Avery’s attorney said that cellphone tower records of both the defendant and the victim provide Avery with an “airtight alibi.”
The evidence in the murder case was a major focus of “Making a Murderer,” an extremely popular documentary series that streamed on Netflix in 2015. During the murder trial of Steven Avery, prosecutors presented evidence showing that the defendant placed several phone calls to the victim prior to the homicide. Avery was accused of killing Teresa Halbach, a photographer for Auto Trader magazine. Halbach visited Avery’s property and was not seen alive after that.
Now Avery’s defense attorney is declaring that cellphone tower records indicate that Halbach left Avery’s residence while Avery remained behind, suggesting that Avery may not have been the person who killed her. This purported new evidence would seem to confirm the theories of many viewers of “Making a Murderer” who watched the documentary series and subsequently questioned the evidence-gathering techniques of the local police department in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin.
To learn more about this fascinating case, view the Yahoo.com article, “Steven Avery’s Lawyer Says New Evidence Gives the ‘Making a Murderer’ Convict an ‘Airtight Alibi.’”

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