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Marijuana as an Alternative to Prescription Drugs, Heroin

While many opponents of state laws that legalize marijuana have pointed to data showing an increase in hospital visits in these states, new research indicates that the use of medical marijuana may be effective at treating addictions to prescription painkillers and heroin.
Despite the conflicting research on marijuana, many people, including some lawmakers, are make a strong push to get medical marijuana listed as an alternative treatment for people who are addicted to painkillers, heroin and other drugs.
For example, legislators in Maine, where medical marijuana is legal, are looking to propose legislation that would officially add painkiller addiction and heroin addiction to the list of medical conditions that would allow a person to qualify for marijuana prescriptions.
If the recent research is accurate and marijuana can be effective as an alternative treatment for prescription painkiller addiction and heroin addiction, it will be imperative that medical marijuana gets placed on the list of qualifying conditions. Otherwise, doctors in states where medical marijuana is legal, but recreational marijuana remains illegal, may not be able to prescribe medical pot to addicts.
Additionally, marijuana legalization advocates in Vermont are citing the recent studies, which found a correlation between marijuana use and reduced risk of prescription opioid addiction, as reasons to legalize pot.
Moreover, some doctors in California and Massachusetts have reportedly begun to experiment with medical marijuana prescriptions as they treat drug addicts.
The hope is that marijuana use could allow drug addicts to become functional members of society who are able to maintain employment and take care of both themselves and their families.
To learn more, view the Yahoo.com article, “Could Marijuana Help Treat Painkiller and Heroin Addiction?”
Although many states have legalized marijuana, either for medical use or recreational use, New Jersey still outlaws the use of marijuana in any form. If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with simple possession of marijuana, heroin possession or any other drug crime in NJ, you need a qualified criminal defense lawyer on your side. The aggressive criminal defense attorneys at Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. can help you fight your drug offense charges and avoid the most severe penalties. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation about your case.

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