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Police Consider Possibility That Talking Parrot May Have Witnessed Murder

Although it seems incredibly unlikely, authorities are looking into the possibility of allowing a talking parrot to provide evidence – eyewitness testimony! – in a Michigan murder case.
Martin Duram was shot and killed at his home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Also shot in the violent incident was Glenna Duram, Martin’s wife.
When police arrived at the scene of the suspected murder, they found Glenna lying just a few feet away from her husband’s body. Glenna, who had sustained a serious gunshot wound, was taken to a local hospital, where she received medical treatment for her gunshot-related injuries.
After Glenna woke up in the hospital, police interviewed her and tried to ascertain what happened. Glenna reportedly told police officers that she could not remember anything until the moment she woke up in her hospital room.
Did a Talking Parrot Witness the Murder?
The parents of the victim are now asserting that Bud, a talking parrot, may be able to provide vital information in the homicide investigation.
Charles Duram, the victim’s father, spoke with the media and said that his son’s pet bird had a tendency to “pick up things” while listening to conversations. Charles Duram also stated that he knows his son and Glenna Duram got into verbal altercations in the past, which is why he thinks that Martin’s death may have been precipitated by an argument between the spouses.
Doreen Plotkowski, a woman who owns a pet shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan and who has been closely following the murder case, recently listened to a recording of the parrot talking. Plotkowski said that the parrot is “definitely” mimicking an argument between a man and a woman – something that African grey parrots are certainly capable of doing.
Meanwhile, local law enforcement also suspects that Glenna may have had something to do with the fatal shooting. Martin sustained five gunshot wounds, while Glenna was shot just once. This has led investigators to surmise that Glenna shot her husband and then turned the gun on herself in order to make it look like someone else committed the crime.
Glenna allegedly left three suicide notes in different areas of the residence, which has led to suspicion that she may have intentionally killed her husband and then attempted to kill herself.
To learn more about this homicide case, view the Yahoo.com article, “Talking Parrot May Be the Sole Witness to a Homicide.”

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