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Car Thefts on the Rise in New Jersey

Across the United States, the total number of auto thefts is reportedly on the decline. However, the same can't be said for car thefts in the Garden State, with the number of car thefts actually rising from 2014 to 2015.
Local law enforcement agencies throughout New Jersey are constantly trying to devise new strategies for combatting car thieves and preventing car burglaries and motor vehicle thefts. One strategy employed by NJ police is to inform local residents of danger areas where car thieves are more likely to target victims. Another informational strategy utilized by New Jersey police departments is to make sure that residents are aware of the most common types of vehicles targeted in auto thefts.
The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), a major non-profit group dedicated to addressing insurance-related crime, recently released the results of a survey that charts the most popular vehicles for auto theft in New Jersey. What the NCIB found is that the 1996 Honda Accord is stolen at an alarming rate in the US, with more than 52,000 Honda Accords reported as stolen in 2015 alone. Moreover, close to 8,000 of the stolen Honda Accords were manufactured in 1996.
One of the most common attributes of stolen cars in New Jersey is that they tend to be older model vehicles that do not have advanced anti-theft technology.
Moreover, NJ car thieves tend to go after less-expensive vehicles that are driven by working-class individuals. Again, this could be because the higher-end cars are more likely to be equipped with modern anti-theft technology.
For additional information, view the NJ.com article, “Is Your Car a Target? The 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in N.J. in 2015.â€
If you or a loved one has been arrested for burglary, theft, or any other crime in New Jersey, the aggressive, experienced criminal defense lawyers at Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. can help you fight the criminal charges and avoid the most severe penalties. Contact us today for a free consultation about your case.



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