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Why Does Black Friday Cause So Many Injuries?

One of the more popular recent traditions of the Thanksgiving holiday are the Black Friday sales that take place at stores on the Friday after Thanksgiving, often beginning at midnight on that Friday. Unfortunately, in people’s mad dash to score the best prices on products, especially for those high-priced items that are intended for Christmas presents, accidents are bound to…

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Tips to Help Avoid a Car Accident This Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday often means lots of people getting into their vehicles to drive to a holiday dinner or party with friends and family.  Accident Statistics on Thanksgiving For traffic safety purposes, the Thanksgiving holiday is defined as occurring from 6pm on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to 5:59 am on the Monday following Thanksgiving. In an average year, over 50…

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Don’t Let Social Media Jeopardize Your Personal Injury Claim

When people file a personal injury claim or lawsuit, they don’t even consider the possibility that their social media activity can have an impact on their case. But the reality is that insurance company representative and defense law firms often monitor the Facebook and other social media accounts of personal injury claimants for evidence that the claimant is fabricating, exaggerating,…

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Is Surveillance Footage Used in a Personal Injury Case?

With the near-universal nature of cameras — nearly every smartphone has cameras that can shoot high-quality photos and video — it is incredibly easy to conduct video surveillance of people. As a result, insurance companies increasingly rely on video surveillance to help them defend against personal injury claims. Examples of Personal Injury Cases That Use Video Surveillance Personal injury cases…

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Can a Commercial Truck’s Black Box Provide Evidence for My Accident Claim?

In recent years, the “black box,” or data recorder, carried by many commercial trucks has provided critical data and evidence for the investigation of truck accidents. For a driver or passenger injured in a truck accident that was caused by the truck driver or trucking company, it is important to determine whether the truck involved in your crash was equipped…

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Who is Responsible For a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

Multi-vehicle accidents are understandably far more complex than your typical accident that only involves two vehicles. Not only do multi-vehicle accidents result in more people suffering injuries and damages (meaning a greater amount of damages that will need to be compensated), but it often is difficult to parse out how a multi-vehicle accident occurred and who exactly bears fault for…

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Does an Accident Reconstruction Have to Be Completed after My Car Accident?

More complex motor vehicle accidents where it isn’t obvious who bears fault for the crash will often rely on an accident reconstruction prepared by an expert to explain how the accident occurred and thereby identify who was responsible for triggering the crash. While liability for some crashes is relatively straightforward — like a rear-end collision at a stop sign or…

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Can I File a Claim if I Was Injured by Flying Debris From a Car Accident?

While car accidents are typically thought of as just causing injury to those involved in the actual collision, they can also cause injury to bystanders who may be hit with flying debris, such as shattered glass, metal shards, or other materials or loose objects.  A person who is injured by flying debris from a car accident deserves to be compensated…

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Can You Sue for a Sports-Related Injury?

There has been a lot of debate on whether or not school sports should resume or wait until conditions are safer. With the recent news of Governor Murphy allowing New Jersey high school sports to resume, many parents wonder if you can sue for a sport-related injury. The answer is: it depends. Risks of High School Sports Sports of any…

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Helpful Tips for Nurses and Medical Staff Who Are Injured at Work

All medical staff, including nurses, doctors, and other caregivers are invaluable assets to the patients who rely on them. But it is no secret that medical professionals deal with a lot of workplace hazards and dangers daily. From repetitive stress injuries to injuries from slips and falls, medical staff is always at risk.  Additionally, medical professionals also deal with a…

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