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Halloween Safety Tips From A Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers have seen it all. They have seen the worse and most unique injuries that occur. With this information, we have compiled a list of tips to keep you and your family safe this Halloween. Tip 1: Prioritize Visibility One of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents, especially on Halloween, is a lack of driver visibility. Drivers…

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Common Problems with Workers’ Compensation Claims

When you work for a company, you may assume that they’ll cover your medical costs and lost wages if you’re injured while on the job. This is typically done through workers’ compensation, which is a type of insurance that covers work-related injuries. This may lead many employees to be surprised when they find that filing a workers’ compensation claim, and…

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Liability In NJ Parking Lot Accidents

While the majority of car accidents may come from accidents on the road, a large percentage of them do occur in parking lots. Drivers are less likely to pay attention in parking lots. Additionally, it’s not always easy to determine who’s liable when a parking lot accident occurs, as there are often numerous factors involved. Common Causes of Parking Lot…

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Common Causes of Motorcycle/Car Accidents at NJ Shopping Centers

Many of the car and motorcycle accidents that we hear about occur on the road. A large subset of accidents, however, occur near shopping centers and plazas. This may be due to both pedestrian-vehicle drivers and motorcyclists dropping their guard. It may also be due to a number of other reasons, which we describe below. Top Causes of Vehicle Crashes…

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Top Seven Most Common School and Daycare Injuries

Although we expect daycares and schools to keep our children safe as they learn, injuries are unfortunately a common occurrence for children at school or daycare. Here are several of the most common injuries suffered by children at school and daycare. School and Daycare Accident Statistics  According to the Centers for Disease Control, injury is the leading cause of death…

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Common Causes of Work Zone Car Accidents in NJ

Roads and highways are often under construction, either to build new stretches of road or to add lanes or even just to repair winter weather damage and wear and tear on the roadway. Governments prefer to keep roads under construction or repair as open as possible for motorists, which means that road construction workers must work in close proximity to…

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Steps to Take After a Hayride Accident This Autumn

Hayrides are a popular autumn activity for families. While usually an enjoyable and relaxing experience, accidents do sometimes happen during these events. If you or your loved ones were injured in a hayride accident, what compensation might you be entitled to? What Are Hayrides? A hayride is an event where people ride in the back of a farm truck or…

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Most Common Office Injuries (And How to Avoid Them)

Although an office may not be as dangerous a workplace as a construction site or a factory, officer workers do face risks of injury on the job. Below are some of the most frequently occurring injuries for office workers and some tips that employers and employees can follow to help reduce the risk of those accidents and injuries happening. Falls…

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NJ Accidents Caused by Unintended Acceleration

In rare cases, a car accident may be caused by a vehicle suffering from unintended acceleration, a situation where the engine and vehicle speed up without the driver pressing down the accelerator pedal, or where the vehicle accelerates faster than intended based on how deeply the driver depresses the accelerator, or where the accelerator becomes stuck. If you have been…

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August Is the Most Dangerous Month on the Road

August typically ranks as the most dangerous month to be on the road, as more traffic accidents and fatalities occur in August than in any other month. If you plan to be on the road in August, you should familiarize yourself with the risks you may face and what you can do to protect yourself from an accident and serious…

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