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Experienced DUI Attorneys Can Help You Challenge DUI/DWI Breath Tests in Brick Township, NJ

A DUI/DWI charge can be frightening and overwhelming. It may seem as if the evidence against you is insurmountable. Do not be intimidated by the evidence in your DUI case. There are many ways to challenge the results of a breath test in New Jersey. An experienced attorney can effectively challenge the evidence against you.

At Lombardi and Lombardi, two of our attorneys are former local prosecutors. Our prosecutorial experience gives us an edge when challenging a DUI/DWI stop or DUI Breathalyzer charge because we know how the other side thinks.

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Types of DUI Breath Tests Administered by NJ Law Enforcement

Police patrol cars are equipped with a Portable Breath Test (PBT) device that is routinely administered by police when DUI/DWI is suspected during a roadside stop. The PBT is not proof of driving under the influence. The test only determines whether the officer has reasonable suspicion of a DUI.

PBTs are extremely unreliable, so you should decline to take a PBT when requested to do so by an officer.

In New Jersey, the Alcotest 7110 is used by law enforcement to determine a driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC). The Alcotest replaced the DUI Breathalyzer test in New Jersey. As a result, this device is sometimes referred to as a “Breathalyzer.” Recently, the NJ Supreme Court upheld the validity of most DUI breath test results, declaring that there are no concerns about the use of the Alcotest machine. As a result, if you refuse to provide a breath sample at the police station, you could be found guilty of drunk driving.

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Successfully Challenging the Results of DUI Breath Tests in New Jersey

Our skilled DUI attorneys are familiar with the Alcotest device.

An experienced DUI attorney can raise several challenges to a DWI Breathalyzer test, including:

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An experienced DUI lawyer may be able to get your breath results thrown out by challenging the DWI Breathalyzer charge. On a first offense DWI charge, this can reduce the maximum possible period of license suspension from one full year to just three months. If this is a multiple DWI, it is even more important for you to contact us right away.

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