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Brick Lyft Accident Lawyer

Experienced and Committed Brick Lyft Accident Lawyer Defending the Rights of Clients in Ocean County and Throughout NJ

Ridesharing apps such as Lyft have revolutionized the way we get around. Accessing transportation is easier and more convenient for many people who don’t drive or have their own cars. However, ridesharing doesn’t come without a downside. Recent studies show that cities that have adapted ridesharing apps have experienced a significant rise in traffic accidents. While many people opt for Lyft and other ridesharing services because they believe it is a safer way to travel, the truth is that Lyft drivers, like other motorists, are also at risk of being involved in an accident. When an accident does occur, you should contact an experienced Brick Lyft accident lawyer as soon as possible. 

If you have been involved in a Lyft accident, you will need the best possible legal representation you can get. The attorneys at Lombardi and Lombardi will provide you with high-quality legal representation. We are experienced and knowledgeable in ridesharing legislature. We will work to build a strong argument in support of your claim and defend your interests aggressively. We won’t accept anything less than just compensation for your injuries. 

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Who Will Pay For My Injuries If I Was Injured by a Lyft Driver? 

Under New Jersey’s no-fault laws, car insurance policies are required to include Personal Injury Protection (PIP)) benefits. These benefits are paid out by the insurance to cover injuries that occur in an accident involving the policyholder regardless of who is at fault. This applies even if the policyholder was a passenger or pedestrian at the time of the accident. 

If a Lyft driver crashed into your car, you would have to use your personal insurance cover first. You can then pursue the Lyft driver for further compensation. However, you can only sue the Lyft driver for compensation if you have suffered a permanent injury such as the loss of a limb or facial scar. 

You will also be able to sue a Lyft driver for compensation if your PIP benefits do not cover anything other than your lost wages and medical bills. Lyft’s commercial insurance or the Lyft driver’s personal insurance will cover other damages including disability, pain and suffering, and more. Lyft’s commercial insurance coverage is only applicable if the Lyft driver was logged into the app and was either transporting a passenger or waiting for a request from passengers. 

It is important to have an experienced Brick Lyft accident lawyer guiding you through the complexities of ridesharing accident claims. They will improve the outcome of your claim. 

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About Brick, NJ 

Brick is the 13th largest municipality in New Jersey. It is located in Ocean County and has a population of 75,072 which makes it Ocean City’s 3rd most populous municipality. The infamous Garden State Parkway runs through the western part of the township and has three interchanges: Exits 89, 90, and 91. This highway recorded the highest number of crashes (10,363) and fatalities in 2018. It was named the most dangerous highway in New Jersey. 

The risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident in Brick is high. This applies to all motorists including Lyft drivers. If you have been involved in a Lyft accident, you should contact us, Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. to discuss your case and begin the process of recovering compensation for your injuries and other damages. 

Discuss Your Lyft Accident with an Experienced and Knowledgeable Brick Lyft Accident Lawyer from Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. 

Have you been injured in a Lyft accident? It is critical that you consult an experienced Brick Lyft accident lawyer. Contact Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. and schedule an appointment to speak with an attorney from our law firm. We offer a free consultation for accident victims. Our attorneys will review your case and provide you with guidance on your rights and the options available to you. You can have your questions answered and any issues addressed for free. 

If you choose our firm to represent you in your Lyft accident claim, we will work to provide you with the best legal representation. We will gather the evidence necessary to build a strong claim and aggressively defend your interests. We will work to ensure the best outcome for your case. 

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a free case evaluation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Lyft Accidents in Brick

Do Lyft drivers in New Jersey carry insurance?

New legislation was passed in 2017 in New Jersey to protect those injured in rideshare accidents. The new legislation requires ridesharing apps such as Lyft to provide drivers with commercial insurance coverage.

Currently, Lyft drivers have their own personal insurance cover. They are also covered by Lyft’s commercial insurance policy when transporting a passenger or when the app is on and they are waiting for requests. If the app was off at the time of the accident, Lyft’s insurance policy will not cover the accident. Only the driver’s personal insurance policy will be applicable.

It is important to have the guidance of an experienced Brick Lyft accident lawyer when involved in a Lyft accident. Your attorney will investigate the claim to determine all available avenues for seeking compensation. They will develop the best strategy to maximize your compensation.

I was a Lyft passenger when the accident occurred. Am I subject to the limitation on lawsuit limits when seeking compensation?

No. New Jersey’s limitation on lawsuits legislation limits the ability of individuals to file lawsuits in a motor vehicle accident. The limitation is included in every motor vehicle insurance policy given to individuals in New Jersey. It essentially requires motorists who carry insurance to claim compensation from their own car insurance policy to cover their medical bills when they are involved in an accident. This applies regardless of who was at fault for causing the accident. This, however, does not apply to Lyft passengers. This is because passengers do not carry insurance. They are therefore not subject to limitations and can therefore file a lawsuit for compensation in a Lyft accident.



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