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Aggressive Traffic Ticket Lawyers Defend Clients Charged with Leaving the Scene of an Accident in New Jersey

When it comes to motor vehicle accidents, New Jersey traffic laws are fierce. If you are involved in a collision and there is property damage or someone has sustained bodily injury, you must exchange certain information with the driver of the other vehicle(s) involved in the incident. In most cases, it is preferred that all drivers remain at the scene until law enforcement arrives. Even if only your property was damaged, you must follow the guidelines set for in N.J.S.A. 39:4-129.

If you or someone you know is facing hit and run charges in New Jersey, it’s critically important to contact an aggressive traffic ticket defense lawyer. At Lombardi and Lombardi, we’ve been helping drivers fight serious traffic violations since 1975. We will explain your rights and fight hard to protect your driving privileges. Call today for a free consultation about your charges.

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What is a Hit & Run Accident?

NJ traffic laws impose the following requirements on drivers when they are involved in an accident. (Hit and run laws do not extend to passengers or witnesses.) If an incident occurs and others are present, you must stop your vehicle as soon as possible and get safely out of the line of traffic. You must do the following things to avoid being ticketed for leaving the scene of an accident:

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Note: If an accident occurred and there was no one present (a fender bender in a parking lot or backing up into a mailbox, as examples), the law requires drivers to attempt to locate the owners of the damaged property. Once contact is made, provide name and address to the owner of the property.

If the owner of the damaged vehicle or property cannot be located, the driver who caused the damage is required by NJ law to attach a note with name and contact information in an obvious place where the property owner will see it. If there is any damage to property other than a vehicle, the driver who caused the damage must also notify the local police department.

What are the Consequences of Leaving the Scene of an Accident in Monmouth or Middlesex Counties?

Penalties associated with hit and run are severe, even when the accident resulted in no injuries or simply minor injuries. Further, it doesn’t matter if the damage incurred was minor, like a small scratch. A number of points on your driving record for leaving the scene of an accident depend on whether or not someone was hurt in the incident. If no one was injured, you will get two DMV points if you are convicted of hit and run.

If someone “sustained bodily injury” in the accident and you left the scene without following traffic laws, you may be assessed eight points. If someone was critically injured or killed, the penalties imposed are elevated considerably. In fact, a driver convicted of hit and run involving a severe injury or wrongful death will face a minimum of $2,500 in fines up to $5,000. At the judge’s discretion, you may even go to jail for up to 180 days. Further, stiff insurance premium surcharges are likely.

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