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Anyone who has ever suffered a workplace accident knows how difficult it can be to struggle with medical bills and the need to get back to work as soon as possible, perhaps before the injury has completely healed. Since a lot of work-related injuries can linger long after the accident that caused the injury, sometimes it’s simply not possible to return to work right away. That’s why NJ Workers’ Compensation laws exist – to protect injured employees and ensure they get the proper medical treatment for their injuries.

Lombardi and Lombardi is a highly respected law firm that has secured more than $400 million in settlements and verdicts for clients throughout New Jersey, including Monroe, Old Bridge, New Brunswick and Piscataway. Our experienced injury attorneys understand the nuances of Workers’ Compensation law in NJ and can help you with your claim.

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Most Common Types of Work-Related Injuries in New Jersey

Most workplace injuries are traumatic injuries that occur during a specific time or specific work shift. Some work-related injuries, however, develop over a long period of time. For example, carpal tunnel syndrome can afflict workers who have to perform repetitive motions, such as typing on a computer keyboard. The general categories of the most common injuries in NJ workplaces are traumatic injuries and occupational diseases, which can include pulmonary & respiratory injuries.

It is very easy for a person to suffer traumatic injuries following an accident at work, especially if the job is dangerous. Certain kinds of jobs and workplaces, such as construction sites and factory floors, are so physically demanding that workers are frequently at risk of catastrophic injuries. For example, one bad moment at work at a construction site could lead to a construction accident that causes a lifetime of misery.

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A traumatic injury often leads to an emergency room visit, surgeries, doctors’ visits and a lengthy period of rehabilitation. While the injured worker endures all of this, they have to figure out how to pay for a stack of medical bills and make ends meet at home while not being able to earn a steady paycheck during the recovery period. In the worst cases, the injured worker could suffer permanent disability or temporary disability.

Some of the most common types of traumatic injuries suffered in NJ workplaces include:

Head Injuries: Violent impact to the head could result in a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and permanent brain damage.

Spinal Cord Injuries: Workers who sustained back injuries in the workplace could be forced to deal with a lifetime of chronic pain, while the worst back injuries could lead to paralysis.

Neck Injuries: Slip & fall accidents in the workplace can result in muscle strains in the neck.

Shoulder Injuries: Workers who tear their rotator cuffs may have to deal with intense shoulder pain.

Road Rash: A worker who is involved in a car or motorcycle accident while working may sustain deep bruising or even road rash, which can cause nerve and tissue damage.

Death: In the most serious on-the-job accidents, a traumatic injury can result in wrongful death.

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Occupational Diseases in NJ Workplaces

Although traumatic injuries are the most common type of injury giving rise to a Workers’ Compensation claim, some injuries are not tied to a specific incident in the workplace. Instead, these injuries tend to develop over a long period of time. For example, many respiratory illnesses are not obviously symptomatic until years or even decades after the injured worker was exposed to toxic substances, chemicals or fumes at work. Construction workers, factory workers, and even office workers may be at risk of developing respiratory illnesses if they are exposed to mold, asbestos, dirt, dust or smoke on a daily basis. These diseases are also known as occupational illnesses because they are caused, or made worse, by exposure to workplace conditions.

Occupational diseases sustained in New Jersey workplaces include:
Pulmonary & Respiratory Illnesses: This is a general category of illnesses that affect the lungs. They are the most common occupational diseases sustained in the workplace.

Cancer: One of the worst outcomes of working with toxic chemicals is a cancer diagnosis.

Asbestosis: Workers who inhale asbestos fibers can develop chronic lung disease.

Mesothelioma: Workers who are exposed to asbestos can develop a tumor of the tissue that lines the lungs.

Asthma: Prolonged exposure to chemicals or other agents in the air can cause a person’s airways to become inflamed and swell.

Silicosis: Workers who deal with glass and sand blasters may inhale silica dust and develop lung disease.

Lead Poisoning: Exposure to high levels of lead over a long period of time can cause serious health problems and even death.

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