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New Jersey Police and Firefighter Injury Lawyers

Seasoned Personal Injury Lawyers Represent Police and Firefighters Injured in Edison, New Jersey

Both police officers and firefighters subject themselves to countless dangers on a daily basis in the course of duty. But what happens when police and firefighters are injured on the job because of the negligent or reckless acts of a third party? For example, when police and firefighters enter another person’s property, they have a right to expect that the property will be reasonably safe, aside from the emergency condition that brought them to the scene in the first place—what happens when a police officer enters a store in response to an alarm and is injured on a crumbling staircase?
Many police and firefighters in New Jersey mistakenly believe that they are not entitled to pursue claims for compensation against negligent third parties because they assume a certain degree of risk by accepting their position as first responders. This is patently not the case under current New Jersey law. For well over a decade, it has been established that police and firefighters are entitled to compensation when the negligent or reckless actions of a third party, such as a property owner or driver, causes them to suffer injuries. This may include compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and more.

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At Lombardi & Lombardi, P.A., we are proud to support our New Jersey police and firefighters, so contact us today to schedule a free consultation to see how we can help you recover the compensation that you deserve.

Avenues for Recovering Fair Compensation for Police and Firefighter Injuries in New Jersey

Police, firefighters, and other first responders are obviously entitled to receive benefits under the specific pension and disability systems set up to protect those who dedicate their careers to keeping the public safe. Police and firefighters may also be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits through an employer to compensate for injuries sustained on the job. Our lawyers can also help you pursue a personal injury claim for compensation against a third party if you were injured by, for example:

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Personal Injury Lawyers at Lombardi & Lombardi Dedicated to Protecting the Rights of Injured Monmouth County, NJ Police, and Firefighters Who Protect Us

When police and firefighters are injured, our lawyers are here to make sure their rights are protected. We will work tirelessly to explore every available option for recovering compensation in your case, and our lawyers will conduct a detailed analysis of the circumstances under which your injuries were sustained. Injuries sustained in the course of duty can put you out of commission for a significant amount of time, and when those injuries were caused by another party’s carelessness, that person or organization should be held financially accountable for the harm you have suffered.

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Call the Skilled Personal Injury Lawyers at Lombardi & Lombardi, P.A. for Advice in Recovering Compensation for Police and Firefighter Injuries in Freehold, NJ

Our experienced personal injury lawyers understand that obtaining compensation for police and firefighter injuries can be complicated by the availability of multiple avenues for pursuing claims for that compensation. We have decades worth of experience handling personal injury claims, and we are ready and willing to put that experience to work for you. If you have sustained injuries while on the job as a police officer or firefighter in Freehold or elsewhere in New Jersey, call or contact us today so that we can fight to make sure you receive fair compensation for those injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cases Involving Police and Firefighter Injuries in Brick, NJ

FAQ: What types of injuries might a police officer or firefighter suffer that could give rise to a right to pursue a claim for compensation?

Police and firefighters often sustain serious injuries while protecting the public, including burns and stress injuries, or injuries caused by inhalation of toxic chemicals and smoke, an assault, collapsing or defective structures, broken bones and head injuries caused by falling objects, and any number of injuries when a negligent driver causes a car accident.

FAQ: Why do I have the right to recover compensation when I was acting in the course of duty while injured?

Not every injury that you sustain while working as a police officer or firefighter will give rise to a viable personal injury lawsuit—of course, this is why police and firefighters have access to benefits designed to compensate for injuries caused by “typical” job-related dangers in these professions. Despite this, as a police officer or firefighter, you have the right to expect that others will exercise a reasonable degree of caution so that the situation is not made more dangerous by everyday negligence.

FAQ: What is the New Jersey “Fireman’s Rule”?

The Fireman’s Rule was a principle established under the New Jersey common law regime in the 1960s and essentially provided that police and firefighters assumed the risk of injury by choosing to work in a dangerous profession. When this rule was in effect, police and firefighters did not have a recognized right to pursue claims for compensation against negligent parties when they sustained injuries on the job. The rule was overturned in 2006 when the New Jersey appellate courts recognized the right of first responders to compensation if the circumstances otherwise warranted.



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