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Brick Car Accident Lawyers

Our Ocean County Legal Team Can Help You Recover Compensation After A Car Accident

If you or a loved one was involved in a car accident, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim or a lawsuit for compensation for your injuries or damages. Learn more by speaking with the Brick car accident lawyers on the Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. legal team. We help residents in Brick and across Ocean County understand the law, file claims, and fight for their rights and the compensation that they are entitled to by law.

Car accidents cause vast amounts of damage and they kill thousands and injure millions every year. The physical, emotional, and financial toll that car accidents place on society runs into the hundreds of billions of dollars every year, and a single-vehicle mishap can set you back tens of thousands of dollars. An accident can also lead to serious, long-term physical injury that can take years or a lifetime to heal.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident in NJ, contact the dedicated Brick car accident lawyers at Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. for a free consultation.

Types of Car Accidents Handled By The Brick Car Accident Lawyers Team

There are tens of millions of vehicles of all types on the road, and drivers vary in their ability to drive safely and in how closely they adhere to safe driving rules.

Some of the car accident types that our Brick car accident lawyers can help you with include:

For each of the accident types above, depending on how the accident in question occurred, negligence may be involved. When filing a claim with your insurer or suing for damages, how your accident occurred and whether or not negligence was involved are important factors to consider.

Common Injuries Our Brick Car Accident Lawyers Will Help You Include In Your Compensation Claim

Car accidents can lead to serious personal injuries, such as:

In addition to the above, you or a loved one may also suffer different types of financial loss after an accident, such as:

You can only include the losses outlined above in your claim if you can connect those losses to your accident. This requires evidence. We discuss evidence in the next section.

The Brick Car Accident Lawyers Team Will Investigate Your Accident And Gather Evidence

To win compensation for the losses you suffered in an accident, you need to gather evidence, such as:

Our Brick Car Accident Lawyers Will Help You File A Claim Or Lawsuit

Armed with the evidence outlined above, you can file your claim with your insurer. The amount you are entitled to in compensation depends on the limits of the insurance policies you hold.

However, you may be able to sue an at-fault party for damages if you suffered catastrophic losses in an accident. Depending on how your accident occurred, you may be able to sue any one of the following parties:

Contact the Brick Car Accident Lawyers Team With Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. Today

Several filing deadlines may apply to your case, so do not delay. Your employer and insurer will both have deadlines within which you must report injuries and damages and file a compensation claim, and certain state statutes of limitations may also apply. Missing your filing deadline can lead to a forfeiture of your right to claim compensation, so do not hesitate to contact the Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. Brick car accident lawyers team today.

About Brick, NJ

Brick Township is located in Ocean County, New Jersey. It has a population of roughly 75,000 and is primarily located on the mainland. It was incorporated as a township in 1850 and is home to historical museums, farms, and gift shops. It was named America’s safest city in 2006 but was affected by the heroin epidemic in the early 2010s.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents In Brick, NJ

FAQ: What kinds of evidence are needed to back my claim?

You can use a police report, dashcam footage, eyewitness statements, cell phone records, driver records, medical invoices, doctor’s reports, vehicle repair invoices, and blood tests to back your car accident claim. Gathering this evidence can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you are injured, so contact the Brick car accident lawyers with LOMBARDI for assistance with your case.

FAQ: Can I handle a case on my own?

That depends. For simple cases such as fender benders, you may be able to win a fair settlement for your losses yourself, but for serious cases, especially those involving bodily injuries, you should have an attorney in your corner to represent you and argue your case with the insurance adjusters who will try to minimize the settlement payout they must pay you after your accident.



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