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Charged with Failing to Yield or Stop in New Jersey? Contact Experienced Traffic Defense Lawyers Who Will Fight Your Ticket

All drivers understand the importance of stopping at stop signs and red lights. If you fail to properly yield to oncoming traffic, you may find yourself facing a traffic ticket. What’s worse, however, is that blowing through a yield or stop sign or failing to slow down at the sight of a yellow traffic light and stop at a red light can result in a catastrophic accident. The penalties associated with causing an accident can impact your life forever.

If you or someone you care about was pulled over and ticketed for failing to yield or stop, don’t just pay the ticket and plead guilty. Talk with an experienced traffic ticket defense attorney who will negotiate with the local prosecutor to get your ticket downgraded (no points) or dismissed entirely when possible. Lombardi and Lombardi have successfully fought failure to stop and yield tickets for clients in Essex, Union, Ocean and Monmouth counties and throughout New Jersey.

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What is Failure to Yield?

All drivers are required to stay vigilant about everything going on around them on the road. This means looking out for other vehicles, road debris, and pedestrians. In fact, New Jersey has serious traffic laws that are designed to keep all motorists, passengers, and passersby safe.
There are several statutes that cover failure to stop and yield charges, including:

If you are convicted of these charges, and many others associated with failing to obey stopping and yielding laws, you will get two motor vehicle points on your license. It’s also important to remember that this type of ticket may be issued in conjunction with other violations such as speeding or careless driving — increasing the likelihood of a suspended license.
If you were distracted by your cell phone, for example, that traffic ticket will be worth five points if you are convicted. Those two tickets alone (2+5=7) would put you in dangerous territory because if you accumulate six points on your license you will be forced to pay mandatory surcharges to the NJ Commission of Motor Vehicles (formerly the DMV). If you rack up 12 points, your driving privileges will be suspended.

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The knowledgeable and experienced traffic ticket defense lawyers at Lombardi and Lombardi have successfully defended failing to yield tickets in courtrooms throughout New Jersey.

You can rely on Lombardi and Lombardi to leave no stone unturned as we defend you against your traffic tickets.

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Do not put your driving privileges at risk. When it’s time to go to court to fight any traffic ticket, make sure you have a lawyer from Lombardi and Lombardi by your side. We will negotiate with the local prosecutor in Middlesex, Monmouth or Ocean county on your behalf. We’ll mount a strong case that raises reasonable doubt and protects your ability to drive.

One traffic ticket conviction can tarnish your driving record. We can work hard to make sure one mistake doesn’t follow you around for years. Call us today so we can get started. The initial consultation is free and we will explain your rights so you can decide how to proceed.

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