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Paying a ticket is equal to pleading guilty. Fighting your ticket with an experienced attorney by your side often results in fewer or no points on your driving record!

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CDL Traffic Ticket Lawyers in New Jersey

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Many people take their driver’s licenses for granted. When people who drive for a living fail to obey the rules of the road, they are putting their paychecks – and families — on the line. People who operate commercial vehicles — big rigs, tractor trailers, construction vehicles, etc. — depend on their CDLs (commercial driver’s license) to earn a paycheck. One traffic conviction may be putting your family at risk.

It’s important to know, as well, that even if you were ticketed outside of New Jersey, your NJ CDL may very well be affected. Some states don’t bother to accept information about traffic violations out of state. New Jersey isn’t one of them. Rest assured, once notified of your out-of-state ticket, NJ will add the points to your NJ CDL record.

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Don’t go it alone. CDL traffic violations are serious charges that require experienced and tireless legal representation. The traffic ticket lawyers at Lombardi and Lombardi understand how important your CDL is to you and your family; we are prepared to work hard to protect your ability to drive.

Common CDL Violations Result in Severe Penalties in New Jersey

Anyone with a driver’s license in New Jersey is obligated to obey the rules of the road. It should go without saying that following posted speed limit signs, stopping at traffic lights and stop signs, yielding to oncoming traffic and refraining from engaging in distracted driving (texting) or DWI/DUI is mandatory.

That being said, failure to abide by New Jersey traffic statutes may have more serious consequences for a commercial truck driver.

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Lombardi and Lombardi Fights All CDL Traffic Violations

Police must be able to prove that the truck driver is guilty of the charges they are facing. Our lawyers have many years of experience fighting these traffic tickets and protecting the driving privileges of truck drivers who depend on their CDLs to earn a living. Do not assume you should just plead guilty and face loss of CDL or stiff fines. When your job is on the line, we’ll fight by your side.

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When you drive for a living, your CDL is vitally important. Without it, you may lose your job; a trucking company won’t have much use for a truck driver who isn’t legally licensed to operate a truck! Therefore, when your driving privileges are on the line, you need aggressive legal representation from successful traffic ticket lawyers.

Contact Lombardi and Lombardi today for a free consultation about the CDL charges you are facing. We never judge; we will explain your rights and let you know how we can protect your ability to drive. Call today for your free no obligation consultation.

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