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New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers Handle Amusement Park Accidents in Monmouth, Ocean & Middlesex Counties

Going to one of New Jersey’s many amusement parks should be a fun-filled day for you and the entire family. However, the good times can come to an abrupt end when you or your loved one suffers a serious injury at a park, boardwalk rides or a traveling carnival, and winds up in the hospital in New Brunswick. Accidents happen all the time at amusement parks because of park attractions, such as roller coasters and bumper cars, pose serious risks when not properly operated. The end result of these safety failures could be a significant personal injury.

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Lombardi and Lombardi is a law firm that has secured more than $400 million in settlements and verdicts for clients throughout New Jersey, including East Brunswick, Monroe, Old Bridge, and Piscataway. If you were injured while visiting an amusement park in Keansburg, a carnival in your town or water park in Jackson, NJ, our experienced personal injury attorneys and premises liability lawyers can help you maximize your compensation and start the process of recovering from your injuries.

NJ Amusement Park Operators Owe a Duty of Care to Customers

Under NJ premises liability law, amusement park operators have a legal responsibility to inspect all rides on site and fix any conditions that might pose dangers to visitors. Since amusement park visitors are considered “business invitees,” the law imposes a high standard of care on carnival operators. For example, these property owners must remove unsafe conditions and warn visitors of dangerous conditions that have not been removed from the amusement park property.

Amusement parks are also subject to strict scrutiny by state regulators. As set forth by the New Jersey Carnival and Amusement Ride Safety Act, manufacturers of carnival and amusement rides must have their ride type certified before selling it for operation at an amusement park. The law also requires annual inspections of amusement rides in order to ensure that the ride passes NJ safety regulations. The owner of the amusement ride must obtain a permit for use every year. This is true whether the ride is in a fixed location at Six Flags, the Keansburg Amusement Park or Jenkinson’s in Point Pleasant at the Jersey Shore.

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Most Common Causes of Amusement Park Accidents in New Jersey

When an amusement park operator fails in their duty to protect visitors against accidents, the result is often a serious injury. Additionally, ride manufacturers who use defective products can also cause amusement park accidents. Some of the most common causes of amusement park accidents in New Jersey include:

Negligent ride operators: Carnival employees need to pay attention at all times, look out for malfunctions, and make sure that ride height and weight restrictions are enforced. Additionally, ride operators should avoid making abrupt starts and stops, which can lead to head, neck and back injuries.
Improper employee training: The amusement park operators have a responsibility to train carnival workers to be aware of all safety standards, proper loading and unloading techniques, and emergency response procedures.
Negligent builders: The workers who construct the rides need to take care to properly assemble the parts. Additionally, the ride constructors need to make sure there are no sharp or protruding parts that could cut and injure people on the ride.
Malfunctioning safety restraints: If lap bars or seat belts on rides fail to work properly, serious back and neck injuries could be the result.
Loose cables: Loose cables around the park may be responsible for trip and fall accidents.
Exposed electrical wires: Contact with electrical wires can lead to serious electrical accidents and burn injuries.
Inadequate lighting: A slip & fall accident is more likely to occur if it is dark and you can’t see where you are going.
Inadequate security: Criminals are more likely to commit violent assaults in the parking lot or other areas of the park where there is insufficient security.
Design defects: If the ride has a structural flaw, the product manufacturer or designer may be liable for injuries caused by amusement ride accidents.
Food poisoning: The site operators need to oversee the restaurants and food stands inside the amusement park.

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What to Do If You Were Involved in an Accident at a New Jersey Amusement Park

If you have been injured as a result of an amusement park accident in New Jersey, the first thing you need to do is see a doctor and get medical treatment for your injuries. Your next step should be to speak with a knowledgeable attorney at Lombardi & Lombardi about your legal options. The reality is that many amusement park operators won’t even consider compensating you for your injuries until you retain legal counsel and apply some pressure.

An experienced personal injury attorney can look over the details of your amusement park accident and identify all potentially liable parties. The knowledgeable attorneys at Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A., will examine your case and determine whether the amusement park operator shirked their responsibilities or a ride manufacturer used faulty equipment that led to your accident. We also work closely with engineers, inspectors and safety experts who can figure out exactly what caused your amusement park accident.

Contact Experienced Attorneys Who Represent Victims Injured in Amusement Parks in Jackson, Point Pleasant, Seaside Heights and Across NJ

The attorneys at Lombardi and Lombardi have more than 35 years of experience assisting personal injury victims in New Jersey, including Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex counties. If you or a family member has been injured at an amusement park, you need an attorney who will thoroughly investigate your accident and determine exactly who was responsible for your injuries. We won’t back down from a fight against a negligent carnival operator or their insurance company. Call us now to schedule a free consultation at one of our offices in Edison, Freehold or Brick, NJ.



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