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New Jersey Cancer Malpractice Lawyers

Trusted Injury Lawyers Advocate for Victims of Cancer Malpractice Across New Jersey

Early detection is key to ensuring prompt, effective treatment for cancer patients.  When your doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional makes a mistake in your cancer treatment, your life is literally placed at risk.  Mistakes that amount to medical malpractice can give you the right to financial compensation to hold the negligent caregiver responsible.

The skilled cancer malpractice lawyers at Lombardi & Lombardi, P.A. are dedicated to holding negligent doctors accountable for their actions.  Our proven track record of success includes recovering over $400 million in settlements and verdicts for our injured clients across New Jersey.

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When your health has been placed at risk, you need the best possible lawyer by your side.  Our medical malpractice lawyers are here to make sure you get both the best legal advice and the best cancer treatment available.

Mammograms, blood tests and other advances in medical screenings make early detection and treatment of cancer entirely possible. When you have suffered because of your doctor’s failure to provide adequate treatment, you should not have to suffer the financial consequences.

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Types of Cancer Malpractice Claims Our New Jersey Lawyers Handle

Advances in medical technology and treatments mean that a cancer diagnosis is no longer a death sentence.  With prompt and proper treatment, cancer patients regularly go on to survive and thrive for years if not decades.  Mistakes in cancer treatment rise to the level of actionable cancer malpractice when the doctor’s actions or omissions fail to meet the medical standard of care based on the circumstances.

Unfortunately, thousands of patients are the victim of cancer malpractice every year and receive inadequate treatment.  Cancer malpractice in New Jersey can come in the form of:

Whether your doctor failed to recognize your symptoms or misinterpreted a test result, the consequences to the patient can be devastating.  For many victims, the most painful wrong suffered is the loss of time. Lost time in treating a disease that becomes more aggressive and difficult to treat over time often means years lost from life.  Cancer malpractice can lead to:

Our cancer malpractice lawyers work with the foremost experts in the field to establish whether your doctor’s mistake amounted to malpractice.

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Our Top-Rated New Jersey Malpractice Lawyers Fight for Cancer Malpractice Victims’ Right to Full Compensation

At Lombardi & Lombardi, P.A., we fight to get fair compensation for clients whose cancer treatment was compromised by malpractice.  Although no amount of financial compensation can truly compensate for this loss, compensation can help you get the best treatment available while holding the negligent doctor accountable.  Fair compensation may include:

Even if you eventually received treatment that worked, you may still have the right to compensation because that treatment was more invasive or even made the risk of relapse more likely.

Our skilled cancer malpractice lawyers have already helped hundreds of malpractice victims recover fair compensation throughout New Jersey.  For more information on our practice, call today for a free case review.

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At Lombardi & Lombardi, P.A., we have successfully represented clients throughout New Jersey since 1975.  Call or contact our top-rated New Jersey medical malpractice lawyers for a free case review to discuss your cancer malpractice claim today.  We represent both patients who have been the victim of cancer malpractice and family members who have lost loved ones because of medical negligence.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Jersey Cancer Malpractice Claims

FAQ: What is the medical standard of care and why is it important in a cancer malpractice claim?

Not every bad medical result is malpractice. Harm suffered because of your cancer treatment (or lack thereof) is only malpractice if the doctor or healthcare professional violated the “medical standard of care”. The medical standard of care is developed by the medical community itself and is how a reasonable, trained doctor should have acted under the circumstances. Factors that influence the medical standard, and thus determine the treatment you should have received, include:– The patient’s age and medical history,– Geographic location,– Factors such as how aggressive the cancer was, whether it had spread throughout the body and the location of the cancer.

FAQ: How do you prove what the medical standard in my case was?

We work with medical experts to determine how a reasonable medical professional would have treated your cancer given the circumstances. If the doctor’s actions or omissions were lacking, and there was no medical reason for the deviation in case, you may have a claim for medical malpractice.

FAQ: What else do you have to prove in order to recover compensation for cancer malpractice in New Jersey?

Generally, it is necessary to show a violation of the medical standard, causation and harm. In most cases, this means showing that your outcome would have been better had you received the appropriate care. In other words, if the results would clearly have been the same regardless of the treatment you received, it can be more difficult to recover compensation. Our malpractice lawyers have the resources necessary to engage medical experts needed to show that your outcome would likely have improved with correct and prompt treatment.



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