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Some occupations, unfortunately, put workers at greater risk of injury than others—and while some professions are inherently more dangerous than others, you may actually be entitled to recover compensation if you sustained injuries while on the job. The fact is that the workplace can be a dangerous place for many individuals, so New Jersey has developed a workers’ compensation system to provide compensation for those who sustain work-related injuries. For others, a personal injury lawsuit may provide a viable option for recovering the compensation that you need to recover from on-the-job injuries.

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While either system may provide a viable means for recovering compensation, getting the full amount of compensation to which you are entitled can be difficult. At Lombardi & Lombardi, P.A., our workers’ injury lawyers have helped injured clients recover more than $400 million in compensation for injuries they have sustained in the workplace and elsewhere. Regardless of how your work-related injury was sustained, our experienced lawyers are dedicated to protecting injured workers’ rights, and we can help make sure that you are not leaving much-needed dollars on the table.

Examples of Common Workplace Injuries

Occupations in which workers commonly sustain work-related injuries include:

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Although it may seem that office workers are not subject to work-related hazards, repetitive stress injuries are common, and environmental hazards can lead office workers to contract Legionnaires’ disease and other diseases through a toxic environment that may contain mold or faulty air conditioning systems. Examples of injuries that workers may sustain in the workplace include:

Skilled Workers’ Injury Lawyers Lombardi & Lombardi Fight to Obtain Full Compensation for Injured Workers in Freehold, New Jersey

While some injured workers recover quickly from their job-related injuries, others may require extensive medical care and time away from the workplace—sometimes even resulting in a permanent disability that requires changing careers entirely. Although the workers’ compensation system in New Jersey is valuable, it often fails to fully compensate injured workers for their job-related injuries, especially when those injuries are severe.

Workers’ compensation generally provides compensation for:

At Lombardi & Lombardi, P.A., our skilled workers’ injury lawyers will explore every possible avenue for recovering the maximum amount of compensation possible in your case, whether that is through a workers’ compensation or personal injury claim.

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Dedicated Workers’ Injury Lawyers Help Clients Overcome Complications in Recovering Full Compensation for Workplace Injuries

Typically, workers’ compensation claims are filed with the New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation. At Lombardi & Lombardi, P.A., our workers’ injury lawyers can help you overcome any complications that may arise in recovering compensation for your injuries, including:

Generally, if you pursue a claim for compensation via the workers’ compensation system, you are prohibited from pursuing a lawsuit for damages against your employer. However, you are not prohibited from filing a lawsuit against a negligent third party, or against an employer who may have intentionally caused your injuries.

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While all employees are technically entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for injuries sustained on the job, obtaining those benefits is not always a simple process. Our lawyers have the experience in protecting workers’ rights necessary to make sure you receive the full amount of compensation available in your case. If you have sustained a work-related injury in Toms River or elsewhere in New Jersey, call the experienced personal injury lawyers at Lombardi & Lombardi, P.A. or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Frequently Asked Questions About Edison, New Jersey Workers’ Injury Claims

FAQ: What are some common workplace accidents that may cause workers’ injuries?

Depending on the occupation involved, workplace injuries can occur in any number of ways. For example, repeating the same motion over and over can cause office workers and factory workers to suffer adverse effects. Workers such as construction workers and warehouse employees may be injured by heavy objects that fall in the course of duty. Transportation-related accidents are also common, as many employees must either operate some type of vehicle in the course of employment (such as a forklift or dump truck) or may be involved in a motor vehicle accident moving from one job site to another. Unfortunately, violence between employees can also cause a worker to suffer serious injuries for which financial compensation may be available.

FAQ: What should I do after sustaining an injury in the workplace?

You should make sure to notify your employer that you have sustained an injury on the job as soon as possible and seek medical treatment for your injuries immediately. These steps can be important because many workers’ compensation claims are challenged if the employer believes that some off-the-job accident was actually the cause of your injury. Your employer should be able to give you workers’ compensation forms to complete in order to file your claim, and either you or your employer can file those documents to begin the claims process. You can also call our workers’ injury lawyers to help you complete the documentation necessary to receive workers’ compensation benefits or to evaluate whether you may have a viable personal injury lawsuit against a negligent third party who caused your injuries.



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