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Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers Tenaciously Advocate for Accident Victims in East Brunswick, NJ

For most injured clients, the stakes are high when it comes to recovering compensation for those injuries via a personal injury claim. While there is an extremely negative perception of personal injury lawsuits as providing a means for clients to recover a windfall award settlement after sustaining injuries in an accident, in reality, this is not the case. You will need financial compensation that is significant enough to cover the expensive medical care that your injuries may require, and also serve as a deterrent designed to encourage everyone to exercise caution in order to prevent future harm to someone else. At Lombardi & Lombardi, P.A., our skilled East Brunswick personal injury lawyers are passionate about holding negligent parties responsible for the damage caused by their careless actions.

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We will advocate vigorously for your right to recover full compensation for your injuries both inside and outside the courtroom. We have over forty years’ worth of combined experience taking on the insurance companies and defense attorneys who may try to minimize their clients’ liability for their carelessness and are here to help you recover the compensation you deserve to get justice in your case.

Potential Compensation Available in Personal Injury Cases

Our experienced personal injury lawyers fight for compensation that is both fair and fully accounts for the costs of our clients’ injuries—which includes looking to both tangible and intangible costs. We conduct a full investigation in every case that involves discussing your injuries with your doctor and medical experts to estimate the cost of both current and future medical care. Importantly, we also get to know our clients so that we can gain a full understanding of how your injury has impacted your life. Maximizing compensation in your case may include fighting to recover damages for:

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Of course, the level of compensation available in every case will depend upon the severity of the injury. Insurance companies try to minimize this amount, but our personal injury lawyers will leave no stone unturned in uncovering all available compensation in your case.

East Brunswick Personal Injury Lawyers Offer Strong and Personalized Legal Representation to Accident Victims Throughout Middlesex County, NJ

At Lombardi & Lombardi, P.A., we fight to maximize compensation for all accident victims in East Brunswick, regardless of how you were injured. We have helped clients who have sustained injuries because of:

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Accidents can have surprisingly serious consequences that extend far beyond the initial cost of receiving medical care, making it critical that you get the advice of an experienced East Brunswick personal injury lawyer before accepting any settlement offer.

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If you have sustained injuries in an accident in East Brunswick or elsewhere in Middlesex County, NJ, contact our experienced team of personal injury lawyers so that we can advocate for your right to receive the compensation you need to move forward with your life. We are dedicated to protecting our clients’ bright futures, so call today or fill out this secure online contact form to see how we can help in your case.

About East Brunswick, NJ

East Brunswick is located in the New York City metropolitan area, in Middlesex County, New Jersey and immediately on the Raritan River. East Brunswick was formally incorporated in 1860 after breaking off from North Brunswick and Monroe townships and was originally a farming community. After World War II, East Brunswick began to grow into a much more suburban community when the New Jersey Turnpike was extended out to East Brunswick in 1952.

Today, East Brunswick is home to an estimated 48,630 residents and covers 22.270 square miles of land about 31 miles southwest of Times Square in New York City and 49 miles north of Center City in Philadelphia. Residents of suburban East Brunswick frequently commute to either New York City or Philadelphia for work because of this proximity to both major cities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Cases in East Brunswick, NJ

FAQ: I’ve read that insurance companies only pay my medical expenses or will just multiply those expenses by two because my injuries are severe. Is this true?

How is the amount of compensation determined in my case? Many insurance companies will begin with the medical expenses you have incurred to date and simply multiply this by a factor to determine your overall pain and suffering. Our lawyers believe in taking a more personal approach to personal injury cases, and we will advocate for your right to recover compensation that truly reflects how the injury impacted you personally. We understand how important it is to go beyond the impersonal numbers generated by insurance companies to gain compensation outside of this formulaic approach.

FAQ: What is the percentage of fault and contributory negligence in an East Brunswick personal injury case?

Percentage of fault refers to an aspect of contributory or comparative negligence whereby your compensation award may be reduced to account for your own percentage of fault—in other words, how much you were also at fault for the accident. Our lawyers will fully investigate your case to build a strong defense to any charges that you were also negligent in causing your accident. Even if you were partially responsible, however, New Jersey rules do not bar you from recovering compensation for your injuries if the other party’s actions were the primary cause of the accident.



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