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New Jersey Injury Verdicts & Accident Settlements

$Confidential – Mass Tort Environmental Claim by residents against a major chemical company.
$57,000,000 – Lead Counsel in the March 1994 Durham Woods Gas Pipeline Explosion.
$13,000,000 – Severe head injury due to a motor vehicle accident.
$9,000,000 – Medical malpractice resulting in spinal cord injury.
$5,000,000 – Old Bridge woman gets malpractice settlement from Rutgers RWJ Medical School
$4,025,000 – Brain injury due to motor vehicle accident.
$3,200,000 – Vega v. Solina, et al. This medical malpractice case settled for 3.2 million dollars.
$2,200,000 – Amputated leg and brain injury due to defective residential heating system.
$2,000,000 – Death due to Aviation accident.
$2,000,000 – Hamad v. Cenon, et al; Medical Malpractice – Misdiagnosis Case settled for $2 million settlement – 2014
$2,000,000 – Candelario vs. JCP&L, et al – Pedestrian Motor Vehicle Accident. Client suffered a closed head injury, fractures, internal injuries and comatosed.
$1,390,000 –  Vasireddy v. Borough of Metuchen, et al. – Pedestrian Motor Vehicle Accident. Client sustained multiple fractures, head injury, scarring, internal injuries and comatosed.
$1,300,000 – Sexual Harassment and wrongful termination by Employer.
$1,200,000 – Cierzo vs. Staten Island Towing, et al – Motor vehicle accident. Client sustained neck and back injuries requiring surgical intervention.
$1,200,000 – Neck and back injuries due to a trucking accident.
$1,000,000 – Back injuries suffered by passengers in a motor vehicle accident.
$950,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident, Settled May 2013 Against Dakota Security
$850,000 – Medical Malpractice – kidney injury requiring dialysis
$755,000 – Medical Malpractice – post-operative nursing care resulting in death
$750,000 – Slip and Fall/CRPS Case, Settled March 2014 Against Maiden Woods Condo
$730,000 – Javed Akhtar vs. S & D Transport, et. Al. Motor vehicle accident. Injuries to head, face and lumbar spine.
$650,000 – Francis Koehler – Motorcycle Accident – Settlement
$600,000 – Recovered for injuries sustained in a burn incident.
$600,000 – Recovered for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident.
$500,000 – Sara M. Asalde v. Christina N. Miceli and Peter V. Miceli. Motor vehicle accident. Injuries requiring neck surgery.
$500,000 – Child burned at feast by hot oil with 2nd and 3rd degree burns.
$500,000 – Sheriff Officer v Prisoner –  settlement for an assault resulting in several surgeries.  Settled for total insurance company policy limits.  Parties identities are confidential.
$495,000 – Confidential Settlement. Assault by a prisoner on a sheriff’s officer
$490,000 – David T. Joseph v. Jeffrey J. Connors and Fedway Associates, Inc. Motor vehicle accident. Injuries requiring back surgery.
$490,000 – Michael Mitchell – Motorcycle Accident – Settlement
$475,000 – Enrique Lugo v. Singh – Motorcycle Accident – Settlement
$475,000 – Hand and back injuries caused by a motor vehicle accident.
$475,000 – Trucking settlement in Federal Court. Client’s vehicle was rear-ended resulting in spine injury.  Parties identities are confidential.
$425,000 – Forklift accident causing bodily injury.
$370,000 – Chemical exposure during employment.
$350,000 – Dog bite case – Settlement
$300,000 – Bruce Meier – Motorcycle Accident – Settlement
$290,000 – Mosquera v Property Owner – slip and fall  on ice resulting in a broken ankle.
$250,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident, Settled August 2014 Against Liberty Mutual
$250,000 – Psychiatric injury as a result of medical malpractice.
$240,000 – Kathleen H. Seyffart v. Maria T. Chumbiray and Eduardo Sanchez. Motor vehicle accident. Injuries requiring neck surgery.
$225,000 – Yami J. Patel; Gunvanti A. Khajuriwala; Dilip S. Patel; and Pushpa Patel vs. Nancy Zunno. Motor vehicle accident. Injuries requiring back and left knee surgeries.
$150,000 – Sheriza Ali vs. Weeks, et. al. Motor vehicle accident. Injuries to cervical spine and lumbar.
$117,000 – Amanda Pereira vs. Pen Freight, et. al. Motor vehicle accident. Injuries to head, spine and lumbar.
$100,000 – Jose Henriquez – Motorcycle Accident – Settled for the policy limits

Lombardi & Lombardi has recovered over $400,000,000 for its clients.*
*Results from prior cases handled by our firm do not guarantee results in any particular case as fact patterns and application of law vary depending upon circumstances.

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