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Bloomfield Personal Injury Lawyer 

Skilled Bloomfield Personal Injury Lawyer Helping Clients In Essex County and Throughout New Jersey Recover Financial Compensation for Their Injuries and Losses

Suffering an injury in an accident can be a devastating experience. However, the consequences of the accident don’t end immediately after the accident. Victims have to deal with physical pain, psychological trauma, emotional pain, and financial strain long after the accident is over. When the accident that caused your injuries was caused by the negligence or reckless actions of another party, it makes perfect sense to hold that party accountable for your injuries and losses. An experienced and skilled Bloomfield personal injury lawyer from Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. can help you pursue maximum compensation for your injuries and losses. 

You can rely on our experience and expertise to secure a favorable result in your case. We know how difficult the situation can be for those injured in accidents. We have seen the devastating effects of accidents on victims as well as their families. For this reason, we have dedicated ourselves to providing accident victims with high-quality legal services. We have fought aggressively to recover just compensation on behalf of our clients. 

Injured Due To A Negligent Person In Bloomfield And Have Questions? We Can Help, Tell Us What Happened.

We work on a contingency fee basis. That means that we won’t get paid unless we recover compensation on your behalf. Contact Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. to consult with an experienced Bloomfield personal injury attorney for free and gain access to the high quality legal representation you need. 

Skilled Bloomfield Personal Injury Attorney from Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. Handles All Types of Personal Injury Cases 

The team at Lombardi and Lombardi has extensive experience providing legal services to accident victims. We have helped clients pursue compensation in various types of personal injury claims including: 

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It doesn’t matter what type of accident caused your injury. The attorneys at Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. are skilled and experienced in handling all types of personal injury matters. We can help you recover just financial compensation for your injuries and losses. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Bloomfield personal injury lawyer from our law firm. 

About Bloomfield, New Jersey 

Bloomfield is a township located in Essex County, New Jersey. It had a population of 53,105 by the 2020 census. This socially diverse suburb of New York City is one of the best places to live in the state. It offers residents the opportunity to experience a mix of suburban and urban living. Many of the residents in the township own their homes. Many of the amenities in the township are within walking distance of the residential neighborhoods. Residents can easily walk to amenities such as restaurants, retail stores, and coffee shops. The township also boasts of several beautiful parks that are easily accessible by residents. There are lots of green spaces in the town. This earned it the reputation of being an ‘urban jungle.’ 

If you have been injured in Bloomfield as a result of another person’s negligence, you may be able to recover compensation. Contact Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. to learn more. 

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Reach Out to Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. to Consult with an Experienced Bloomfield Personal Injury Lawyer 

Have you been injured in an accident? Are you wondering what your options are? Get in touch with Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. to schedule a consultation with an experienced Bloomfield personal injury lawyer. We offer free, no-obligation initial case evaluation for accident victims. Get answers to your questions and learn what your rights and options are. Our team can help you secure maximum compensation. We will fight to achieve a favorable outcome in your case. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Injury

Can I file a personal injury claim on behalf of my spouse or child?

In most cases, personal injury claims are filed by the victim of the accident. That means the person who was actually injured in the accident is the one that files the claim. However, personal injury laws in New Jersey do make exceptions. These include:

– When the injured party dies as a result of the injuries they suffered in the accident. The survivors of the deceased can file a wrongful death lawsuit and receive compensation on behalf of the deceased.
– When the accident victim is a child. Their parents or legal guardian can file a personal injury claim on behalf of their injured child.
– If your spouse has been killed or injured, you can file a separate lawsuit for loss of consortium or companionship.

If a loved one has been injured, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit on their behalf and recover compensation for your injuries. Contact Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. for a free consultation with an experienced Bloomfield personal injury lawyer. We will guide you on how to recover compensation on behalf of your loved one.

Should I try to settle my personal injury case on my own?

The law does not prohibit accident victims from pursuing their compensation on their own. However, the claims process can be complex for those that don’t have experience with it. Firstly, you may not know how much your case is worth if you don’t have experience with personal injury law. You may therefore settle for far much less than what you deserve. Secondly, the claims process comes with strict procedural requirements. If you fail to comply with the timelines or any of the other requirements, you may have your case dismissed and thus miss out on the opportunity to recover compensation for your injuries and losses.

An experienced Bloomfield personal injury lawyer from Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. will review your case and determine approximately how much it is worth. They will also investigate your claim to identify the at-fault party and pursue your compensation diligently. Contact us to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney.



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