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Home and Healthcare Workers' Injury Lawyers in Brick, NJ

Skilled Personal Injury Lawyers Dedicated to Upholding Rights of Home and Healthcare Workers Injured on the Job in Freehold, NJ

Caring for a patient with physical injuries or mental disabilities can be a demanding undertaking and can subject the person providing the care to a significant risk of injuries. The job itself is demanding, but additional risks arise when you are a home healthcare worker who provides care in the patient’s home. Many patients who require in-home healthcare suffer from physical disabilities or memory-related illnesses – such as Alzheimer’s or dementia – that can result in situations where the patient may even inadvertently create the risk of injury themselves.

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At Lombardi & Lombardi, P.A., we know the unique position that home and healthcare workers may find themselves in when injured on the job. These cases may present complications in establishing your right to compensation – especially if you were providing care for a loved one without pay. Many home and healthcare workers are also independent contractors who work for agencies that place them within the home, raising the question of the home health aide agency’s role in the case.

Home healthcare workers, in providing care to a patient with physical or mental illnesses in the home, allow these individuals the opportunity to remain in the homes they have worked a lifetime to build. When you are injured providing this valuable service as a home healthcare worker, you deserve compensation for those injuries, especially if they were caused by some type of hazard within the home. Our skilled New Jersey home and healthcare workers’ injury lawyers will work tirelessly to make sure you get the maximum amount of compensation available in your case, so contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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Common Risks for Home and Healthcare Workers’ Injuries in New Brunswick, NJ

When a patient suffering from a physical or mental illness decides to remain in the home under the care of an occasional home healthcare worker or caregiving family member, the risk that the home upkeep will be neglected is very real. Some of the more common risks of injury faced by home and healthcare workers in New Jersey include:

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In most cases, when an employee is injured in the course of employment, that employee will be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits under New Jersey law – even if the individual provides the services as an in-home healthcare worker. Employers are required to pay into the workers’ compensation system on behalf of every employee. In the case of home healthcare workers, who may work directly for the patient or through an agency that supplies in-home healthcare aides to patients, workers’ compensation can be complicated by the fact that many in-home healthcare workers are classified as independent contractors.
At Lombardi & Lombardi, P.A., our personal injury lawyers have significant experience handling cases involving injured workers and will thoroughly analyze the facts of your case to determine whether workers’ compensation is an option. If recovering workers’ compensation benefits is not the best course of action, you may have the right to bring a private lawsuit against the patient to make sure you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

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If you are a home aide or in-home healthcare worker in New Jersey and have sustained injuries while on the job, our experienced personal injury lawyers may be able to help recover compensation for those injuries. Call us today, or fill out this secure online contact form, to set up a free initial consultation to tell us the basic facts of what happened in your case so that we can begin to evaluate options for recovering compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cases Involving Home and Healthcare Workers’ Injuries in Brick, NJ

FAQ: I was injured in a slip and fall accident while providing care as a home healthcare worker to an elderly patient who doesn't fully maintain his home. I know he is not a wealthy person, so how can I recover compensation if I'm not covered by workers' compensation?

The patient's homeowner's insurance policy is the actual source of compensation in most personal injury lawsuits based on a premises liability theory. While cases involving home and healthcare workers' injuries can be complicated, we will explore every potential avenue to recovering compensation in your case.

FAQ: Why do I need a lawyer if I was injured while working as a home healthcare provider in New Jersey?

A lawyer is especially important in cases involving home healthcare workers' injuries because all parties tend to disclaim liability in these cases. Many home healthcare workers are characterized as independent contractors, which means that they may not technically be eligible for workers' compensation, assuming the classification is appropriate. In other cases, the employer may not have properly followed state rules with respect to the employment of home healthcare workers. When the patient employs you directly, the situation can become even more complex, as many people may not even be aware of their legal duties with respect to employing an in-home aide. Our lawyers will wade through all of these complexities and put in the work necessary to help you navigate the complex legal issues surrounding your right to compensation following an injury on the job.



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