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High Tech Toys Create Dangers in the Playroom

It’s no secret that beads and other playthings with small parts must be kept out of reach of children. All too often, these and other choking hazards are magnets to toddlers who love to put everything in their mouths. So, as parents, we baby proof everything and stay vigilant about keeping anything that can cause harm at arm’s length from our kids.
Interesting enough, however, technology is now catching up to old school dangers. Remember when the worst thing that could happen with a doll was a loose button? Today’s toys, with all their gadgetry and bells and whistles, are quite attractive for young ones who love things that sparkle and light up. It’s these 21st Century toys that are now prompting recalls and danger alerts.
The most recent spate of recalls includes the “My Sweet Love” doll, which had a circuit board with a tendency of overheating. There were two reported cases of children who were burned when playing with the toy. Recalls like this one are proof that toys are not always manufactured to safety standards. In an effort to make an extra buck, it’s not unusual for a manufacturer – especially one from oversees – to cut corner on production.
What you can do: Before buying a new toy for your own child or for someone else’s kid, check to find out if there are any alerts or recalls associated with that product.
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