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Paying a ticket is equal to pleading guilty. Fighting your ticket with an experienced attorney by your side often results in fewer or no points on your driving record!

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Knowledgeable New Jersey Traffic Ticket Lawyers Defend Clients Charged with Driving without Insurance in Union, Monmouth and Ocean Counties

If you get stopped anywhere in New Jersey driving without insurance, you will soon learn why this charge is considered one of the most serious traffic violations in the state. New Jersey law requires all drivers to be properly insured with a minimum amount of liability coverage. Failure to secure and maintain the minimum amount of liability insurance on your car, truck or motorcycle can result in the suspension of your driving privileges and stiff fines.

The experienced attorneys at Lombardi and Lombardi have many decades of experience fighting traffic tickets for clients throughout New Jersey. We know the local courts and we understand the best ways to negotiate with municipal prosecutors to get traffic tickets downgraded and, when possible, dismissed. Don’t take chances with your driving privileges. Contact our legal team today for a free consultation and let us get started protecting your right to drive.

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What are the Penalties for Driving without Insurance in New Jersey?

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is often considered one of the most egregious traffic violations a driver can face. However, in truth, the penalties associated with driving without insurance in New Jersey are extremely serious, often harsher than a first time DWI/DUI conviction.
According to New Jersey’s Statute, 39:6B-2, the owner of a car, truck or motorcycle (or any other motor vehicle) must maintain a minimum of $15,000/$30,000/$5,000 in liability coverage. This means that if one person is injured or suffers wrongful death in an accident, the policy covers up to $15,000 in claims. The $30,000 in insurance would cover more than one person and $5,000 is the most this minimum policy will pay out for property damage.

Of course, there are a variety of reasons to maintain more insurance. However, failure to maintain at least the minimum $15,000/$30,000/$5,000 may result in:

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Why It’s Critical to Hire a Lawyer to Defend Your NJ Driving without Insurance Ticket

There are many important reasons to fight your driving without insurance ticket. Choosing an experienced legal team who will do what it takes to protect your rights and negotiate on your behalf may mean the difference between getting your ticket dismissed or being convicted of the charges.

1. Perhaps even worse than the expensive penalties levied for failing to maintain the proper amount of liability insurance is the fact that second-time offenders will get nine points on their driver’s license. This fact can cause two serious problems: it may be very difficult and expensive to get insurance when your driving privileges are reinstated after the suspension and you’ll be close to the 12 point cutoff for another license suspension.

1. Additionally, after having your driver’s license suspended following a driving without insurance conviction, you will have to apply to have your driving privileges reinstated. The NJ Motor Vehicle Commission has the right to refuse to reinstate your driver’s license (NJSA 39:6B-2).

3. If you are found guilty of causing an accident while driving without insurance, you will be responsible for paying for the other person’s property (including vehicle repairs). If they were injured in the accident or suffered wrongful death, you will be personally liable for medical bills, lost wages, etc.

At Lombardi and Lombardi, we understand what’s at stake if you are facing a driving without insurance charge. We will fight tirelessly to get your ticket downgraded or dismissed. We represent clients in traffic courts throughout New Jersey and have conveniently located offices in Middlesex County, as well as Brick in Ocean County and Freehold in Monmouth County, NJ.

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Middlesex County New Jersey Traffic Ticket Lawyer Will Fight Your Driving without Insurance Violation

Some people think they have no choice but to plead guilty when they are ticketed for driving without insurance. However, that’s not true. At Lombardi and Lombardi, we know there are several viable defenses to these charges. It will be the burden of the prosecutor to prove your insurance was legally terminated. Perhaps you didn’t realize your insurance card was expired or there was a clerical error and your coverage was wrongly terminated.

Don’t waive your right to be heard on your charges. A conviction for driving without insurance will impact your entire life for a long time. Contact Lombardi and Lombardi for a free consultation. We’ll negotiate on your behalf with the court and fight hard to protect your driving privileges.



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