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Drunk Driving Accidents Involving Pedestrians in NJ

Drunk Driving Accidents Involving Pedestrians in NJIn today’s society, nearly everyone knows the real dangers of driving while intoxicated. All states have laws preventing this dangerous activity, but too many people continue to act recklessly. When a drunk driver strikes a pedestrian, injuries can be severe and even life-threatening.

Laws in New Jersey Regarding Drunk Driving

Driving drunk in New Jersey is crime. Individuals convicted of this crime for the first time in New Jersey may face up to 30 days in jail, months-long license suspension and fines up to $500. Drivers are considered drunk when their blood alcohol content is over .08 percent.

When a Drunk Driver Strikes a Pedestrian in NJ

When a drunk driving accidents occurs, a number of criminal and civil issues will arise. Not only may the at-fault driver be criminally penalized, the injured victim can collect full financial compensation for any of the losses they suffer related to the crash. Driving drunk is an inherently negligent behavior, so in almost every circumstance a pedestrian will have the right to sue the driver. When the pedestrian dies as a result of their injuries, family members may decide to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. These victims may even be awarded additional punitive damages on top of their proven losses as an additional deterrent to the drunk driver. It’s important to consider this because the drunk driver could be held personally liable when their insurance does not cover these expenses.

Contact New Jersey’s Car Accident Attorneys at Lombardi and Lombardi

Medical bills alone can be extremely expensive when a vehicle slams into a pedestrian. Victims may also lose time from work and be unable to fulfill their usual daily obligations. Unfortunately, some pedestrians never fully recover from the injuries sustained in car collisions. These losses can be recovered from the at-fault driver. Reach out to the experienced car accident attorneys at Lombardi and Lombardi to schedule a consultation about your claim. We can be contacted at 732-564-7165, through our confidential online form, or in-person. Come visit us at 1862 Oak Tree Road or 10 Parsonage Road in Edison, NJ 08820 or at one of our other locations in Freehold, Brick and Point Pleasant.
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