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Drugged Driving vs. Drunk Driving

Unfortunately becoming more common today is drunk and drugged driving, especially with marijuana becoming legal in more states throughout the United States. There is a difference between the two, but that does not mean one is safer than the other, and neither of them should be performed at any time. Knowing the difference between the two may be able to help you distinguish whether someone is driving drunk or drugged, which could further help your case if you happen to get into an accident.

Drunk Driving

Known as a DWI, drunk driving is extremely dangerous and very illegal. In fact, nearly 27 people a day die to a drunk driver in America, and someone is injured due to a drunk driver every two minutes. Drinking slows down not only reaction time, but the time it takes to make a decision. This means that they might not hit the brakes soon enough, or miss something happening in front of them and simply run right into it.

Drugged Driving

Drugged driving has not been studied as much as drunk driving yet, because it is a newer concept. Most commonly in drugged driving, someone has been smoking marijuana, and the high from the drug alters the mind. This means the driver may be hazy while driving, and be too relaxed to care about what is going on around them. Drugs also impact one’s decision making, meaning it will take them longer to make a decision just as driving drunk would. Normally, drugged drivers may also be driving drunk, increasing the overall risk for a deadly crash.
If you or a loved one has gotten into an accident, fatal or minor, due to a drunk driver or a drugged driver, it is important to seek a well-qualified attorney today. Lombardi and Lombardi is a team of well qualified attorneys ready to assist you in your DUI or DWI case today. Contact today to schedule a consultation.

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