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Doctors Not Getting a Fair Shake in NJ? Boo Hoo! Just Protect Yourself

Do you ever get the feeling your doctor’s just phoning it in? If it seems like they’ve checked out during that office visit or surgical consult, it may have absolutely nothing to do with you. According to a new survey from Wallethub.com, New Jersey is the second least “doctor-friendly” state in the union.
This has nothing to do with bedside manner! It has everything to do with how doctors are treated by the market. For example, compared to other states, NJ doctors have below-average median salaries. Further, there is an increasingly higher cap on malpractice suits (presenting $350,000) and skyrocketing malpractice insurance premiums here may make it difficult for doctors to focus on medicine in New Jersey and not their own finances.
The survey revealed that some doctors are actually scared to practice medicine here. Are those fears causing a hike in medical errors reported in NJ hospitals? Common sense may say “yes.” Doctors are human beings, of course, not superhuman (even though having the skills and desire to save lives is extraordinary.) However, when they make mistakes, patients’ lives can be changed forever in the blink of an eye.
Look at it this way: the issue of minimum wage is alive and well in the forefront of American conversation. If a cashier, however, makes a mistake giving change, no one is going to die from it. No matter how disgruntled that cashier is, financial mistakes can usually be rectified. It’s hardly the same for the healthcare industry. If a doctor is having a bad day because they are outraged about medical malpractice insurance, and they misdiagnose a serious condition, someone – maybe you or a loved one – will surely suffer the consequences.
Your recourse is to switch doctors if you feel there is any reason to be concerned. Additionally, if you’ve been injured due to the negligence or incompetence of your physician, whatever the reason, you’re entitled to justice and the maximum compensation. We can help.
Lombardi and Lombardi specializes in medical malpractice law and have spent years fighting to win our clients maximum payouts and damages. Call us now for a consultation so we can discuss your options under the law.



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