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Is Your Employer Refusing to Pay You the Overtime You Deserve?

After a five-year investigation, gas station owners across New Jersey are being ordered to pay overtime to attendants who were entitled to receive it but didn’t. All tolled, over 1,000 attendants at filling stations throughout the Garden State are owed a collective $5.5 million in unpaid overtime.
Across the country, the United States Department of Labor helped to recover approximately $1.3 billion dollars in overtime pay for over 1.5 million employees. If you feel as though your employer is denying you money that you’ve earned, speak with an experienced employment lawyer immediately to find out your options.
In the vast majority of situations, employers value their employees and take care of them financially. Unfortunately, it’s not unheard of for employers to take advantage of their workers, asking them to work longer hours and put in more of an effort than they’re prepared to pay them for. This happens in lower-paying jobs as well as in advanced positions. It’s only natural that employers want to get the most for the least out of the workforce.
Sometimes it’s the demands of productivity and competition that compel business owners to make more and more demands of their workers. As a result, many employees are making what they are entitled to make with regard to employment laws, specifically in relation to overtime pay. In some cases, this is an oversight on the part of the company, other times it can be a blatant violation of company policy and New Jersey state law.
Some of the more common wage and hour violations include intentionally altering employee timesheets, denying workers’ paid breaks, coercing employees into working off the clock and, of course, denial of overtime. Many workers are actually unclear as to whether they’re even entitled to overtime under their employment status.
An experienced employment attorney can help you determine if you are in fact eligible for overtime and, if necessary, go after your employer in court for past damages. You deserve to get paid for all the work that you do. Don’t become a victim of haphazard or dishonest labor practices.
The Law Firm of Lombardi and Lombardi has been protecting the rights of NJ employees for many years. We can help you collect all the unpaid overtime that’s owed to you. Call us today for a free consultation.



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