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Who is Liable in a Car Collision Involving a Pedestrian in NJ?

Who is Liable in a Car Collision Involving a Pedestrian in NJ?When a car strikes a pedestrian, the injuries sustained by the victim can be severe. Cars are heavy and fast. When they slam into an individual, the person could be launched into the air, scraped against the rough pavement or even crushed by the vehicle.

Liability in Motor Vehicle Crashes Involving Pedestrians in New Jersey

Motorists often assume that the fault in such an accident rests solely on the driver of the vehicle, but the circumstances surrounding each accident is unique. In some circumstances, the person walking may be found at-fault for the pedestrian accident. Drivers are required by law to remain vigilant about other drivers and pedestrians, and this duty to reasonably keep pedestrians safe is even more apparent when drivers are entering into a designated and marked crossing area. Usually, these areas require drivers to reduce their speed and exercise increased caution.

Can a Pedestrian in NJ be Held Liable for a Collision?

In some situations, the pedestrian can be held liable for any property damage or injuries to passengers within the car. This can happen when the pedestrian has acted in such a way that it becomes impossible for a reasonably cautious driver to avoid a crash. For example, if a person intentionally runs into the middle of incoming traffic, then they may be held liable for the crash. Individuals who are walking too closely to the road at night can also be held liable. At other times, juries may decide that both parties contributed to the accident. In many cases, accidents fall outside of the realm of normal circumstances, so there may not be one obviously guilty party.

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