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NJ Business Owner Sent to Prison for Unsafe Asbestos Removal

As if the continued threat of asbestos isn’t enough to worry about, it appears that at least one New Jersey business owner deliberately cut corners when removing it from a former South Jersey Hospital. Frank Rizzo of Parlin, NJ was recently sentenced to three years in prison for using inmates from a halfway house to remove the toxic substance and releasing toxic dust and debris into the air. Rizzo, who operated South Street Fillit Recycling, reportedly admitted using unlicensed day laborers, including inmates from Trenton’s Clinton House, to remove asbestos from the now-defunct Zurbrugg Hospital. According to prosecutors in the case, Rizzo did not have a permit to do so. Additionally, the workers reportedly did not have protective equipment and were apparently directed to dispose of the asbestos in a way that made it look like thieves removed it while trying to steal material.
Rizzo’s incarceration is likely little comfort to the laborers who experienced prolonged exposure to this cancer-causing material. This case clearly illustrates that despite the obvious dangers of asbestos, there are certain opportunistic business owners who have no compunction about doing whatever they can to dispose of the material as cheaply as possible, even if it includes endangering the health of their workers and exposing them to lung cancer years after the initial moment of contact.
If you or a loved one has been exposed to asbestos for any reason, talk to an experienced and qualified personal injury attorney today. Exposure to asbestos requires significant long-term medical care and there’s no reason why you and your family should be on the hook for that expense. Holding unscrupulous business owners accountable for their actions may be the only way to stop the cycle of abuse and exploitation. Let a committed legal advocate fight for you.
With nearly half a billion dollars in settlement and verdict money for our clients, Lombardi and Lombardi is uniquely qualified to champion your rights. We have nearly 40 years of experience getting our clients the justice and damages they deserve. Contact us today.



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