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Pursuing Damages for Delayed Injury In an Auto Accident

The human body is a peculiar and unpredictable thing, particularly when it’s been through the rigors of a car accident. The immediate days following a car crash don’t always tell the whole story. It’s common for injuries to manifest weeks and even months after the accident. Unfortunately many feel as though it will be harder to pursue compensation because they’ve waited too long. It’s a common mantra of accident victims: “It didn’t hurt at first but I think I have permanent neck injury and now I don’t know what to do.” If you feel as though you’re experiencing delayed injuries due to a car accident, contact an experienced personal injury attorney today.
Victims of car accidents can experience a whole host of delayed onset injuries, including but not limited to whiplash, chronic headaches, bouts of dizziness, loss of mobility, muscle spasms and even permanent brain injury. The initial shock of your injuries can cause your body to mask the pain. After enough time has worn off, the real injuries start to present themselves and can cause a serious disruption in your quality of life. The next thing you know, you’re left with a chronic condition, the treatment for which you’re on the hook financially because you don’t think anyone will believe that these injuries are related to an old accident.
Up to seven percent of people who are hospitalized with a concussion are vulnerable to post-traumatic seizure even as late as 15 years after an accident, especially children and the elderly. The most severe concussions, which include bleeding into the brain, can also lead to post-traumatic epilepsy, a permanent condition. Even in more routine cases, a concussion can alter the brain’s activity for a time period anywhere between a few hours to weeks.
An experienced personal injury attorney can help you prove the timeline of the injury and trace it back to your car accident to get you maximum compensation.
The attorneys at Lombardi and Lombardi have been helping injured cyclists pursue maximum compensation after accidents for several decades. We will fight for your family, as well. Call us today to arrange a consultation about your case.



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