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Alleged “Exploding iPhone 5C” Raises Concerns about Faulty Products

A Hoboken, New Jersey man says he was burned when his iPhone “exploded†in his pocket, bursting into flames. Erik Johnson, 29, says he was at his cousin's wake when the iPhone 5c exploded. He was bending down to pick up keys he had dropped when the explosion occurred.
“I felt the burn instantly,†Johnson reported. “I couldn't get the phone out of my pocket, so I had to rip my pants off to get the phone away from me.†The heat actually melted his pocket shut.
Johnson suffered significant injuries. He spent 10 days in a hospital burn unit for the football-sized, third degree burn on his upper left thigh.
Apple says it is investigating the incident, but Johnson is planning to take legal action. This isn't the first report of an iPhone “explosion.†An Arizona man claims that his iPhone 6 exploded in a very similar incident in October. A Maine middle school student sustained minor injuries after an iPhone 5c burst into flames in her pocket.
Even if this had only happened one time, Apple would need to conduct an immediate investigation. However, multiple iPhone explosions are certainly cause for concern. What if this happened to a small child playing with her parent's iPhone?
If you have received injuries due to a [nl_link id=’231′]faulty product[/nl_link], it is in your best interest to contact a skilled personal injury attorney immediately. Companies are held to a high standard in this country, and injuries caused by faulty products should not be tolerated.
The experienced and knowledgeable [nl_link id=’216′]personal injury[/nl_link] and [nl_link id=’231′]consumer protection[/nl_link] lawyers at Lombardi & Lombardi will meet with you during a free, initial consultation to discuss your injuries and how they might be able to fight for maximum compensation in your case. [nl_link id=’143′]Contact[/nl_link]the firm right away.



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