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5 Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are among the most devastating injuries a person can encounter. Under the most basic circumstances, they can be painful and require thorough treatment. Under the most critical circumstances, they can be life-changing and even fatal. Though often accidental, burn injuries are often the result of someone’s negligence. Below are five common causes of burn injuries:

Liquid / Scalding Burns

Among the most common causes of burn injuries are hot liquids. Scalding is commonly caused by skin contact with excessively hot liquids. Most commonly in the form of coffee, tea, and other beverages that are served often without warning or without proper safety mechanisms in place to prevent the liquid from spilling. Loose lids, lack of a cup-sleeve, and other missing precautions can all result in a painful scalding injury.

Faulty Wiring and Defective Objects

Electrical burns most commonly occur as an occupational hazard to those who work with electricity. This could be electricians, IT jobs, construction workers, contractors and more. When proper safety regulations are not in place, direct contact could result in a fire or contact burn. Electrical burns can often occur in the home, as well due to faulty wiring throughout the home.

Hot Objects / Thermal Burns

Frequently occurring in the workplace, thermal burns occur when coming into direct contact with a hot object. This could be anything from a stove or hot plate that was left on, a recently used kettle or coffee maker, to exposed water heaters.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns account for a large amount of occupational burns. Corrosive liquids, such as acids used in the construction or equipment of other objects, can spray or spill onto the skin, causing burns and nerve damage. These burns can also occur in the home, most commonly as a result of defective products containing corrosive chemicals, such as batteries.

Car Accidents

According to the United States Fire Administration, automotive accidents result in over 500 deaths per year with a staggering 1200 injuries per year. Automotive accidents often result in a fire due to ignited gasoline and other chemicals as a result of impact.
Burn injuries can result in extensive hospitalization, therapy, costly medication and more. These conditions are often the result of someone else’s negligence. Nobody should have to experience these injuries. If you or a loved one has been affected by a burn injury as a result of defective products or anything else above, it pays to have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side. Contact the law offices of Lombardi and Lombardi today to schedule your case consultation today by calling 732-564-7165 or fill out our contact form here.



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