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Common Types of Product Liability Claims in NJ

Common Types of Product Liability Claims in NJWhen we purchase products from the store, we expect them to be safe when used as intended. Unfortunately, manufacturers sometimes put products out on the market that are not safe. When product liability claims arise, businesses may be forced to include warning labels on products, alter designs or even recall the item.

Common Types of Product Liability Claims in NJ

Product liability claims most often fall into three general categories: defective manufacture, defective design or failure to warn consumers about the product’s dangers. Products that fall under the defective manufacture category have usually been flawed as a result of the manufacturing process. Most often, an irregularity in the factory causes the problem with the product. For example, a product may be missing parts, contaminated during manufacture or cracked and broken when put together. Products with defective designs, on the other hand, are inherently dangerous or unacceptable despite being made exactly to the manufacturer’s specifications. The victim’s injury must have directly resulted from the inherently flawed design of the product. Finally, products may not have proper warning labels or instructions for use. Without these important features, products may become dangerous in a way that is not obvious to the consumer.
Most manufacturers, distributors and sellers maintain a products liability insurance product that helps cover costs associated with common product liability claims. Most of these types of lawsuits will eventually be settled outside of court, but insurers are required by law to defend their policyholders. They will fight to try to minimize your compensation or deny fault.

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