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The Devastating Effects of an Amputation Injury

Few injuries are as devastating and life changing as an amputation injury. According statistics by the Amputee Coalition, well over 113,000 Americans will undergo an amputation procedure due to a devastating injury, adding to the millions of Americans currently living with an amputation.
Amputations cause many to lose their jobs. Coupled with high medical costs, this is a recipe for financial ruin. Even with physical therapy and the aide of devices that make living with amputation easier, the following effects of an amputation injury can last a lifetime:

Change in Mobility

An amputation can cause even the most typical everyday tasks to become difficult or impossible altogether. Self-care, hygiene, household chores, and even the lightest of hobbies, such as writing or drawing, can now require outside assistance. All limbs are vital to essential movement in our world. An amputation can make it difficult for a person to carry out normal, everyday tasks.
This is not limited to the effects of losing an arm or a leg; it also includes side effects, such as a loss of balance. The body needs to now adapt to a missing limb on the body, which had its own substantial weight. Losing a limb can throw off a person’s center of balance, making them more prone to other injuries from falls and constant collision with others. A person who has experienced an amputation will now have to re-learn so many of the typical things they did day in and day out.

Infection and Potential Health Risks

After a surgical procedure, the health risks from amputation are far from over. Those who suffer an amputation can experience infection in the skin if their stump is affected by a cut or scratch. Even the smallest injury to the stump left untreated could lead to blood clots, circulation issues, and the ability to use a prosthetic. In some cases, an infection may lead to the rest of the limb being removed altogether.
Other heath risks include an increased chance of deep-vein thrombosis – this condition is a result of severe blood clotting and usually affects amputees now that blood moves less freely. This condition can also be fatal in come cases when leading to pulmonary embolism.

Phantom Pain

Phantom limb pain is a condition most amputee victims experience at one point or another. It’s a sensation that an amputee will feel in their missing limb. Contrary to popular belief, phantom pain is not a psychological phenomenon. An amputee does feel this physical pain, though it’s triggered by the brain’s perception of the nerves that may remain from the missing limb.

Trauma and Depression

Depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder are extremely common among amputees. Coping with the loss of such a vital part of the body can create feelings off loss, anger, and hopelessness. PTSD on its own can lead to insomnia, nightmares, and violent, angry bursts of emotion towards themselves or loved ones. Their self-esteem often drops as they often develop issues with their body image – feeling like a burden to friends or loved ones and less enthused about seeking romantic connections.
While amputation injuries are devastating, it’s extremely important to seek the help that a person needs, especially if someone else’s negligence is the cause of such a devastating, life-changing injury. If you or a loved one has experienced a devastating amputation injury, contact an experienced and aggressive lawyer who can fight for your rights today.
Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. offers experienced personal injury lawyers in New Jersey who can aggressively fight for you. Best of all, you pay no attorney fees until we recover financial compensation for your losses. Contact us today for your free initial consultation!

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