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Valuing the Extent and Nature of Your Injuries After An Accident

New Jersey personal injury lawyersDiscovering that you have suffered serious injuries and medical conditions as a result of someone else’s negligence can be an overwhelming experience. It is also an experience that may prompt you to file a personal injury lawsuit. The determination of the extent and value of your injuries can be one of the most important components of your personal injury claim.

Injuries Resulting From Accidents

No single factor may impact your settlement amount more than the extent and type of injuries you sustain in an accident. The amount of money that you have spent having your injuries treated and assessed is referred to as medical special damages. This is a crucial factor in the personal injury damages formula that insurance adjustors use during the course of settlement negotiations.
This is why it is so important to get medical attention immediately after an accident has occurred in order to give yourself the best possible chance for recovery. If you fail to get medical attention and later claim that your injuries are severe, the other side may state that you are overexaggerating the level of injuries in order to recover compensation. The most difficult part of figuring out compensation for a person injured in an accident is how to put a dollar value on their pain and suffering. This is what the damages formula used by the insurance companies attempts to do.

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The more painful the injury and the more far reaching its implications, such as ones that will leave you with permanent disfigurement, scars or disability, the more likely a high multiplying number will be plugged into this formula. Insurance companies look at pain and suffering by considering the different types of injuries and their associated levels of pain. It will be the responsibility of your personal injury attorney to put together a comprehensive case to give you the best possible chance to recover maximum compensation.   
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