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How Serious Neck and Back Injuries Can Affect Your Daily Life

Most injuries that occur are often treatable with therapy and medical care. Eventually, most injuries are cured and those injured are able to carry on as though their injury never occurred. Unfortunately, not all injuries are like this. Neck and back injuries are among the more dangerous and life-altering injuries a person can endure, with some symptoms and effects that don’t appear until much later on. Below is some of the ways neck and back injuries could affect your daily life:

Limited Mobility

Neck and back injuries often lead to nerve damage by way of the spinal cord. These nerves are responsible for transmitting signals to the rest of the body. In cases of severe injury, a person may find themselves unable to move the way they used to. Basic everyday tasks are rendered extremely difficult, painful, or in some cases, impossible.

Insomnia / Sleep Disruption

Back and neck pain is often strong enough to keep a person up at night. The pain and discomfort may make it difficult to sleep, thus disrupting a person’s energy throughout the day.

Depression and Anxiety

The constant struggle of living with neck and back pain often leads to bouts of depression and anxiety. Those who are injured often feel helpless and irritated by their injuries and reconciling with just how long the pain could last.

Constant Headaches

When the neck is injured, key nerves can become pinched or damaged. A common result of a neck injury is constant and unexpected headaches, migraines, and fatigue.
Neck and back injuries often do not show their true and lasting effects on a person after some time has passed. By the time the symptoms start showing up, more damage to the neck and back often occurs. These injuries can often be just as financially devastating as they are physically devastating, as treating these injuries can be extremely costly over time.
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