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What You Need To Know About Driving In The Fog

From heavy rain to a snowstorm, there are plenty of inclement weather situations that can make driving a harrowing task. These different weather events can affect road conditions, making it extremely unsafe for motorists on the road and can, unfortunately, lead to collisions.
One of the more common weather events to deal with for motorists is one that can be often overlooked — fog.
Fog is a thick cloud of small water droplets that sit in the air near earth’s surface — basically a cloud that sits at ground level. It doesn’t sound intimidating but the effects of fog can be extremely dangerous for a driver. Fog obscures visibility, which in turn leads to less time to react to hazards on the road.
When traveling in fog it is important to follow a few safety steps to make sure you are as safe as possible and do not present yourself as a hazard to other motorists on the road.

  • Low-beam lights/fog lights – instinct will tell you to turn on your high beams but this will only make it more difficult to see as the light will reflect even more off of the water droplets that make up the fog. Use your low-beam lights or fog lights if your car comes equipped.
  • Go slow – going slow can make all the difference when driving in fog. With less visibility, it is harder to react to other cars or hazards on the road so if you travel slowly you will have more time to react. Utilize your speedometer when driving as moving in the fog can be deceiving with how fast you are actually traveling.
  • Do not stop – do your best to avoid stopping while on the road as other drivers might end up colliding with you. If you need to stop, pull over as far away from the road as possible and turn off your lights. Keeping your lights on might make other motorists think you are still on the road and to follow you.
  • Use right side pavement line as a guide – the lines on the road are there for a reason and can be helpful in the fog. Try to follow the right side pavement line as opposed to the middle line. If you use the middle line you run the risk of running into oncoming traffic
  • Stay focused – paramount while driving in any type of inclement weather, it is important to stay focused on the road and remain calm behind the wheel. Remaining 100% focused on the task of driving can make all the difference when traveling through the fog.

Inclement weather can be difficult to navigate and drive through but taking heed of the aforementioned tips can keep you stay safe on the road. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and you can only account for the steps you take as a driver to remain safe.
If you or a loved on ended up the victim of a car accident or suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence it is imperative that you contact an experienced attorney right away. In New Jersey, the attorneys at Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. have over 35 years of experience protecting the rights of those injured in NJ car accidents. Contact them today at 866-532-3121 for your free initial consultation.
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