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NJ Hospitals Receive High Marks in Annual Safety Survey

Five New Jersey hospitals have received straight A’s in an annual report card on hospital safety standards across the U.S.
Leapfrog, a group that promotes improvements in the safety of health care by providing consumers with data to help them make more informed hospital choices, recently released its annual survey that assesses hospital safety, quality and efficiency for more than 2,500 hospitals in the US. The assessments are based on national performance measures that are thought to be of specific interest to health care consumers, including available hospital resources, the hospital’s efforts to prevent medication errors, the hospital’s record on high-risk surgical procedures, the hospital’s performance in maternity care, the size of hospital staff, the hospital’s adherence to general safety standards, the hospital’s performance in preventing hospital-acquired infections and other serious conditions, and the hospital’s performance when it comes to patients who are readmitted.
High-Ranking New Jersey Hospitals
One New Jersey hospital that has done well on the Leapfrog survey and generally avoided medical malpractice lawsuits is Englewood Hospital and Medical Center. Not surprisingly, the medical facility has the resources needed to ensure that patients receive the best care possible. For example, Englewood Hospital currently has two advanced practice nurses on staff. These specialized nurses are trained in how to recognize signs of bedsore injuries. As a result, hospital workers are able to identify possible pressure ulcers before they develop into full-blown bedsores.
The Englewood NJ hospital also spends money on items such as high-quality beds for patients and medical equipment that can facilitate better treatment of patients. Kathy Kaminsky, the senior vice president and chief population health officer for Englewood Hospital, said that the facility is dedicated to providing the best possible medical care to patients.
Another hospital that received high marks in the annual Leapfrog survey results, St. Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston NJ, employs highly trained doctors to coordinate treatment by other specialists. These doctors, known as “intensivists,” are able to look at the big picture when it comes to managing patient treatment in the intensive care unit (ICU). This is important, noted John Bonamo, the hospital’s executive vice president and chief medical officer, because “the sickest people are in the ICU” and, many times, they are being treated by “the least trained person.” By using intensivists, St. Barnabas hospital ensures good communication between sick patients with urgent care needs and the interns or residents working in the emergency room.
In addition to Englewood Hospital and Medical Center and Saint Barnabas Medical Center, the other NJ hospitals that received straight A’s in the Leapfrog survey are Hackensack University Medical Center, Jersey City Medical Center and Saint Clare’s Hospital in Denville.
For additional information, read the NJ.com article, “These Hospitals Are the Safety in New Jersey.”
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