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What Happens if the Other Driver Caused the Accident, But is Uninsured?

With an increasing number of drivers on the road, car accidents are becoming more and more common, unfortunately. Some accidents are not anything more than a fender bender, while some are life-taking. Regardless of the size of the accident, there are some other unfortunate cases that come along with them. One of the most common cases that come with a car accident is that one driver is completely insured, and the other driver is uninsured. Many worry as they do not know what to do, but it can actually be extremely beneficial to the driver who is completely insured.
Take for example one driver, John, gets into an accident with another driver, Marissa. John is the one who caused the accident because he ran a red light, and Marissa has nothing to do with the cause of the accident. To make matters worse, though, John does not have any insurance on his car, while Marissa has enough insurance to cover the cost of the crash. What happens here, is that regardless of whose fault the accident really was, John faces all the cost of the accident since he is uninsured. Even if he says it was Marissa’s fault, it does not matter at that point since he is uninsured. The same would be true if John did have insurance, but it did not cove the amount of the accident. Again, this would mean that John is labeled as “underinsured” and faces all the costs of the accident.
If you or a loved one have gotten into a car accident with someone who is either uninsured, or underinsured, it is important to find a well-qualified attorney today to make the most of your case. Contact the attorneys at Lombardi and Lombardi today to schedule a consultation.

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