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Evaluating Your Personal Injury Claim: What’s It Worth?

One of the most common questions an injured person has when thinking about a personal injury claim is: “What’s my case worth?”
Unfortunately, this is also a difficult question to answer. The value of a personal injury case depends on a number of factors that are unique to every case. The type of accident, the type and extent of your injuries, and the cause of the injuries can all affect the final amount.
Here are some of the most common factors that affect the value of a personal injury claim:

  • Your Injuries. Two elements are typically involved here: How severe your injuries are, and how severe insurance adjusters and juries think your injuries are. An experienced attorney can help ensure that the first element is accurately represented, so that your compensation is based on facts – not on impressions, attitudes, or prejudices.
  • Your Medical Treatment. Because every human body is slightly different, the medical treatment you may require for a particular injury may be different from the treatment someone else would require for that same injury – and the resulting costs may be different, too. For instance, if you need surgery for a herniated disc after a car accident, your medical losses will be higher because they will include surgical costs and follow-up care. Your pain and suffering may increase, too, increasing your compensation.
  • Evidence of Fault. Knowing that the other party caused your injuries is one thing; being able to establish that fact in court is another. A case with lots of documentation showing that the other person was negligent or reckless may result in a higher value – especially if the evidence shows the other person’s behavior was particularly dangerous or shocking.

If you’ve been injured, an experienced lawyer can help you understand your legal options, identify and address any obstacles to recovery, and pursue the compensation you need. Contact the top-rated trial attorneys at Lombardi & Lombardi, PA today at 866.523.3121 or via our online contact form to learn more.
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