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When Can a Judge Suspend My Driver’s License in New Jersey?

Driving is a privilege, not a right, in New Jersey. When you accept your driver’s license, you also agree to certain guidelines issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles and the NJ Police. If you violate any of these rules, a judge has the right to suspend your driving privileges. In fact, there are some circumstances where the judge does not even have discretion; driver’s license suspension is mandatory.
Here are reasons why a judge will suspend your NJ driver’s license:

  • You have 12 or more points on your driver’s record
  • You drove with a suspended license
  • You were convicted of DWI
  • You didn’t appear in court as per your summons
  • You failed to pay a court-ordered fine or surcharge
  • You drove without insurance
  • You were convicted of reckless driving
  • You abandoned a vehicle on a public roadway
  • The judge believes you have a physical or mental condition that makes driving dangerous
  • You have been found at fault in a fatal accident

How long will the driver’s license suspension last?
The answer to this question depends on why the judge suspended your license. You will be told at the time your license is taken how long you will be without driving privileges.
Whatever you do: DO NOT DRIVE WHEN YOUR LICENSE IS SUSPENDED. If you do decide to drive with a suspended license, your suspension will likely be extended and you may be forced to pay additional fines. Further, the judge can decide to put you in jail.
If you have been charged with an offense that could result in a driver’s license suspension, your best course of action is to hire a lawyer who will fight the suspension. At Lombardi and Lombardi, we have many years of experience negotiating with prosecutors in North Jersey. We know how the courts work and we know how to protect your rights. Call today for a free consultation about your charges.

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