The Rising Risk of Tech-Savvy Toys: Cybersecurity, Legal Recourse, and Keeping Your Child Safe

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Chaz Dean Sued for Defective Hair Conditioner Products, FDA Issues Safety Warning

The federal government has issued a safety alert about WEN hair conditioning products, which are manufactured by Chaz Dean, Inc. The warning was deemed necessary by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after investigators found one of the Chaz Dean company product lines could result in serious adverse health consequences for users, including itching,

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Lime Crime’s Colorful Lipsticks Look Maaahvelous! But at What Price?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) put cosmetics company Lime Crime on notice: adhere to FDA standards or else. The company, well-known for selling non-traditional colored lipsticks – blue, purple, bright yellow, lime green, etc. – received a warning from the FDA in July. News of the warning was released mid-August. The FDA claims

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Nationwide Recall on 14 Brands of Bottled Water

When California-based bottling company Niagara Bottling Company received word from the Department of Environment Control and the Department of Agriculture that some of its water tested positive for e-coli contamination, the company recalled 14 types of bottled water. The types of water of on the list include generic brands from stores like Acme, 7-11, Pricerite

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Did You Know June Is National Tire Safety Month?

If your answer to this question is “no,†then you’re not alone. The fact is that when most people think about car accidents and the causes thereof, they envision drivers speeding, making unsafe lane changes and tailgating. In reality, however, tire blowouts and other vehicle maintenance issues are routinely cited as the causes of fatal

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Whole Foods Tops Food Safety Recall List for 2014

It may surprise you to know this, but in the span of a year there have been close to 740 recalls of food for safety reasons, according to the FDA’s database. The reasons for these recalls have ranged from undeclared ingredients and unidentified sources of contamination to fungus and other health concerns. This news comes

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Alleged “Exploding iPhone 5C” Raises Concerns about Faulty Products

A Hoboken, New Jersey man says he was burned when his iPhone “exploded†in his pocket, bursting into flames. Erik Johnson, 29, says he was at his cousin’s wake when the iPhone 5c exploded. He was bending down to pick up keys he had dropped when the explosion occurred. “I felt the burn instantly,†Johnson

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Hold Owners Responsible for Dogs That Bite

You were just minding your own business, working in your own garden, when the neighbor’s dog started to approach you. It was growling, at first. But growls turned into barking and barking turned into an attack. Next thing you know, you are bleeding. That dog just bit you! The first thing that you have to

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