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South Brunswick Car Accident Lawyers

Auto Accident Attorneys in South Brunswick + in Middlesex County and Throughout New Jersey

Driving a car is arguably one of the riskiest things you’ll ever do. But, since you drive a car or a truck frequently, it might not feel as terrible (or more). Regrettably, accidents could occasionally result from this complacency. Our South Brunswick Car Accident Lawyers are available to assist.

If you were ever hurt in a car accident in South Brunswick, New Jersey, it would surely be difficult to return to your normal life. If you’re lucky, fixing your car will only require a few inconvenient phone calls.

If you’re unlucky, your injuries are severe and you’ll have to pay huge medical fees for a procedure, therapy, and rehabilitation. Also, being absent from work could result in unpaid debts and lost pay.

Individuals working for Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. understands how unfair everything may appear. Our South New Jersey and South Brunswick Car Accident Lawyers have more than 20 years of expertise defending people hurt in car accidents. We will fight to defend your right to compensation because we are aware of the difficulties that could result from an injury.

Dispute About Compensation After a Car Accident

Sometimes the exact cause of an accident can be determined. Even in this situation, full recovery may be difficult. The existence of auto insurance firms is one of the causes.

Working with some auto insurance companies could be difficult, but not all of them. Even when they are willing to pay out on a claim, they might not provide you the whole amount you are due. Even though your insurance policy or New Jersey law may state otherwise, they might underpay.

Companies that sell auto insurance make money by offering excellent customer support. But, giving more than they can get away with does not benefit them. This frustrates every driver who has been in an accident since it typically results in a conflict of interest.

This is why having one of our South Brunswick Car Accident Lawyers on your side can be beneficial when negotiating with auto insurance providers. This is particularly clear in situations where the driver’s auto insurance company was at fault for the collision.

South Brunswick, New Jersey, Automobile Accidents: Common Causes

Who will be liable for paying you compensation will depend on the specifics of the vehicle accident. Numerous accidents are easily avoidable. This is particularly true when only two cars are in motion.

But, when several drivers are operating, things could become a little more challenging. This is due in part to the possibility that numerous individuals could be held accountable both financially and legally for the accident’s cause.

When more than one person may be found legally responsible, New Jersey courts will apply the comparative negligence theory. This only states that any compensation will be reduced by the degree of negligence the person had in producing the accident.

For the purposes of illustration, suppose that you sustained losses totaling $50,000. But, you would only be entitled to $45,000 in damages if you were 10% to blame for those harms.

Individuals working for Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. has years of experience defending people who have been hurt in nearly all kinds of traffic incidents. This covers mishaps brought about by the following:

Dealing with an injury can frequently be challenging, regardless of what caused the vehicle accident. Regardless of the accident’s origin, our committed staff has the knowledge and abilities to persuasively advocate on your behalf.

Common Car Accident Types in South Brunswick, New Jersey

The caring and morally pure legal staff of Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. has years of expertise advocating for clients just like you. They have witnessed a wide variety of mishaps, many of which resulted in injuries to people. The following are some of the accident kinds that happen most frequently:

In most cases, the only thing you can recover after an accident is money. Estimating the precise amount of compensation required can be challenging when there has been a serious personal harm.

Your medical expenses can certainly be estimated. But what about the losses you sustained as a result of your wounds?

For instance, you can never make up the time you spent away from your family. How about the moments you were in excruciating pain shortly after the accident and the necessary surgery?

What do you estimate their value to be? The courts will make an effort to assist you even though you cannot. That implies that money is the only force at play.

Our experts can assist you in obtaining any or all of the following if you’re looking for compensation for injuries you incurred in a traffic accident:

You should be aware that not every auto accident will result in the availability of all of these damages. This is true even if you were hurt physically. Only “severe” injuries are normally covered by personal injury lawsuits originating from auto accidents in New Jersey because it is a “no-fault” state.

Do You Need Knowledgeable South Brunswick Car Accident Lawyers?

Please send Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. a call. if an automobile accident in South Brunswick, New Jersey caused harm to you or a loved one or resulted in death. Our South Brunswick Car Accident Lawyers can help because they have years of experience with all kinds of personal injury cases, including those resulting from auto accidents.

We will answer right away if you contact us at either of our locations. First advice is provided without cost. Instead, you can contact us through our website to arrange a meeting as soon as is practical.

As Auto Accident Attorneys in South Brunswick, NJ, four words best describe who we are: dependable, honest, empathetic, and committed. We’ll battle for your entitlement to complete and just remuneration.

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