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5 Tips for Picking a Safe Car

Thousands of Americans will buy a car every day, and it can be an exciting process. You get to choose the color, size, and other options that’ll make your driving experience a pleasurable one. But when getting a new car, you should always take into account factors that will keep you and your loved ones safe. Below are five tips for picking a safe car:

Get the Right Car for Your Needs

The first thing you should always do before choosing a car is assessing your needs. Who will be driving the car? Will the car be big enough for everyone who will be riding along? Will your car require safety features for a baby seat? Assess your situation and start looking for size-appropriate models to narrow your search. Larger cars are cited in statistics as a safer alternative to smaller or compact cars.

Do Your Research

The Internet can be an endless treasure trove of information from official reports to consumer reviews. If you already have a make and model in mind, look up the crash test safety ratings and overall reliability of the car. Take care to check how the car you’re looking for fares under different weather situations, as well as how those inside the car could be affected in case of an accident.

Keep an Eye Out for Safety Features

Many cars now come equipped with added features to ensure safety. Some include reverse sensors that alert you when you’re in danger of hitting something when in reverse. Others include rearview cameras for optimal viewing, and others offer features like notifications of an oncoming car when turning. These features can help ensure a much safer driving experience.
But if the car doesn’t have these, be sure to test whatever safety features are already in place. Make sure you have good visibility in all mirrors during your test drive. Also, do bear in mind the airbag count and locations throughout the vehicle. Many cars now offer side-airbags, which generally fare well in crash tests.

Be Aware of the Maintenance Cost

A frequent cause of many accidents is the lack of basic maintenance. In most cases, a lack of maintenance is due to high costs or impractical repairs. When choosing a car, choose one that is safe and requires basic maintenance within your financial means.

Opt for Visibility

This is a big one, especially if you drive at night. Many reports suggest that darker cars are more prone to accidents versus their lighter counterparts. Take care to choose a car that’s easy to see in almost any situation to lower your chances of an accident.
Following these tips can greatly lower your chances of being injured in a car accident. But even though you take all the precautions, accidents can still happen and when they do, the results can be devastating.
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