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Staying Safe and Avoiding Boating Accidents This Summer

As people get into the full swing of summer, you may very well be getting ready to take the boat out for some fishing, tubing, or just to cruise around. It is important to follow a few safety tips when out on the boat to make sure you reduce the chance of injury for yourself, and others. Take these safety tips into consideration this summer when you go to take your boat out for a spin:

Life Jackets

Make sure to always be wearing life jackets on the boat, or at least have them ready and accessible. In many states, the law requires children under the age of 13 to be wearing a life jacket on all times on the boat, so make sure to follow it carefully. Even if over the age of 13, it is still important to wear life jackets to reduce the risk of drowning if something goes wrong with the boat.


Make sure you are not drinking if you are the driver. Drinking and driving on a boat may yield the same results as drinking and driving in a car, and can result in serious injuries and death.

Watch the Weather

It is very important to know what the weather will be doing, as going out during a thunderstorm is clearly not the best idea. The last thing you would want to happen is be stranded out on a lake or an ocean in the middle of an intense storm.
By following these safety tips while boating, it will highly reduce the risk of getting hurt or injured on a boat. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury on a boat, contact Lombardi and Lombardi today to speak to a team of well-qualified attorneys ready to assist you.

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