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Family of Child with Brain Injury Awarded Record-Setting Malpractice Verdict

In a decision that many are calling the largest medical malpractice verdict in the state's history, the Children's Hospital of Colorado was recently ordered by a judge to pay $17.8 million to the family of Naomi Pressey.
Seven years ago, when she was only four days old, Naomi underwent surgery to fix a relatively minor, treatable heart condition. She was given an improper dose of medication that sent her into cardiac arrest. She suffered considerable and permanent brain damage during the 33 minutes it took to revive her. She now needs round-the-clock care, including assistance bathing and eating solid food.
This case is an alarming reminder that life-altering medical accidents can happen even under supposedly safe circumstances. While Naomi's family will now be able to cover her medical expenses (thanks in part to the help of a qualified malpractice attorney), they would surely prefer to see her be able to live a normal life instead.
The hospital is planning to appeal the ruling.
Following senseless and preventable medical mishaps, you need an attorney that can fight for your rights and get you the damages that are truly owed to you. Many hospital representatives and their insurance carriers embattled in malpractice cases try and throw a lesser number at affected families to make the suit go away. Families affected by medical mistakes should never accept a first offer and especially not before speaking with a qualified lawyer.
It's critical to look ahead at what the medical mistake will cost your family, in both real costs such as medical treatment, as well as pain and suffering. Your family needs an attorney that can help you take sensible and realistic look at what it's going to cost to manage this fallout and vigorously pursue these damages.
None of us can completely control the outcome when we or our loved ones enter the hospital. We do, however, have rights and options under the law.
If you or a loved is a victim of a medical mistake, [nl_link id=’143′]contact[/nl_link]Lombardi & Lombardi today. We have years of experience helping personal injury and malpractice clients get the damages they deserve.



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