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Former Wrestlers Sue WWE for “Egregious Mistreatment” of Brain-Damaged Stars

When you fly off the top rope and take chair shots for a living, you have to assume a certain amount of occupational risk. However three professionals formerly employed with World Wrestling Entertainment claim their lawsuit amounts to much more than that. In a suit filed on behalf of all current and former WWE wrestlers or “Superstars†who have suffered permanent brain and body damage, Big Russ McCullough, Ryan Sakoda and Luther Reigns cite “egregious mistreatment†of company employees by the multi-billion-dollar organization. The suit claims that “under the guise of providing ‘entertainment’ has for decades subjected its wrestlers to extreme physical brutality.”
In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs cite a list of wrestling moves with a heightened risk of permanent damage to the brain and body and discuss specific matches where wrestlers sustained severe damage. No matter how scripted the spectacle of pro wrestling may be, the dangers are very real. Nobody expects a wrestling match to be a walk in the park, but at the end of the day every company is obligated to provide safe working conditions for their employees, whether this means keeping work areas dry and clear or banning wrestling moves like the “brain buster†or the “face breaker†in a world where safe and more easily practiced maneuvers may be just as exciting for fans.
The lawsuit also alleges that the WWE forces its employees to work while they're injured. Whether you are a wrestling champ or a day laborer, injury is injury no matter what you choose to do for a living. If you feel as though you're the victim of unsafe working conditions, don't hesitate to retain experienced and qualified legal representation. An experienced personal injury attorney can help to hold your employer accountable and seek the maximum damages for your accident.
Lombardi and Lombardi can help you vigorously pursue the damages you deserve if you've been injured at work. Call us today for a free consultation so we can start fighting for you in court.



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