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Getting Cyclists and Motorists to Ride in Harmony: Protect Yourself & Share the Road

City life means traffic – honking horns, sirens and drivers and cyclists belligerently trying to share the road. A recent op-ed on Washingtonpost.com shares some interesting perspectives regarding the evolution of the bicyclist-driver relationship. Who has right of way? Whichever side of the discussion you land, you may be surprised to know that this bickering leads to serious injury. Almost 730 fatal accidents per year occur between bicyclists and motor vehicles, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
We hear different arguments on both sides: drivers say today's lifestyle makes the car the dominant mode of transportation on today's roads. Cyclists claim they're just asking for some considerations in cities and neighborhoods. The fact is there are some common sense measures that cities with a healthy number of cyclists and drivers can take to cut down on accidents and promote good will between both sides. It starts with the main issue: sharing the road.

  • Creating more bike paths in locales that warrant them can go a long way to take care of this problem.
  • It's also important for cyclists to remember that simple things like proper signaling and staying visible at night can smooth things over and protect them from collision.
  • Drivers of motor vehicles can work harder to be aware that cyclists are present. Give them space and look twice to see if you have a bike in your blind spot.

At the end of the day, in the war between cyclists and cars, there is very little contest. In this equation, bigger and heavier equals safer. Therefore, it's truly incumbent that a bicycle rider or pedestrian be vigilant about their own safety.
That being said, accidents do happen. When you are injured in a collision with an automobile, you deserve justice and compensation. Your medical expenses and time spent out of work are likely to cost you significant financial hardship and you need someone where to go to seek damages. As the war between cars and bikes rages on, the best thing you can do is stay safe, stay smart and protect yourself.
The attorneys at Lombardi and Lombardi have been helping injured cyclists pursue maximum compensation after accidents for several decades. We will fight for your family, as well. Call us today to arrange a consultation about your case



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