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Judges Can Have Their Say; You Need a Lawyer Who Will Fight for Your Viewpoint

A judge in East Haven, Conn. reduced a $12.2 million verdict by half in a case in which a pedestrian was badly injured after being struck by a drunk-driver. The driver had been detained by police for driving under the influence prior to the incident but was released shortly thereafter.
The plaintiff, Thomas Ventura, was originally awarded a verdict of $12.2 million, which a Superior Court Judge then reduced to $5.98 million, claiming the original verdict included “excessive” damages for non-medical items. The reduction in damages illustrates that all victims injured as a result of a DUI are subject to interpretations of judges.
The precedent set here by the judge can be regarded as somewhat troubling and further demonstrates your need for an experienced attorney to help you seek the maximum damages in a personal injury claim. Following his accident, Ventura has 10 surgeries to repair the brain-bleeding and cognitive impairment he sustained from the accident and is also now unable to have children, according to reports.
Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. The other side isn’t fighting for your rights. The insurance company doesn’t want to pay one penny more than it needs to pay. This case proves that a judge usually has the final say in the end. Therefore, when you’ve been injured in an accident, you need a knowledgeable and passionate lawyer, on your side, to help you fight for what’s yours. A skilled and experienced personal injury lawyer will vigorously pursue maximum damages in a court of law.
Fair is fair and the attorneys at Lombardi and Lombardi know this. Our experienced team of lawyers knows how to help you seek the maximum compensation in a personal injury and motor vehicle injury claim. Call us now for a [nl_link id=’143′]free consultation[/nl_link] so we can begin the process of fighting for you in court.



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