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Look Beyond the Lobby When Choosing a Nursing Home

New Jersey Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect AttorneysWe all know – or have at least heard-  about some of the horrors that have been reported behind the scenes at negligent nursing homes. Sometimes even the nicest looking nursing homes can have some of the worst conditions that our loved ones may fall victim to. Places like this have been known to violate the elderly’s rights and sadly get away with it. Make sure when you are looking for a nursing home for a loved one that you look beyond the lobby.
One of the first things you should consider is whether or not the nursing home has a good safety record. Clearly, one that does not have a good record will not advertise it. Make sure to do some research as to whether or not they have a record of treating their patients with respect. They should have no reports about treating their residents poorly, and if they do, this is definitely not the place to bring your loved one.
Also, another thing you may want to make note of is the ratio of staff to resident. If there are only one or two employees responsible for 50 residents, this may not be the place you want to bring your loved one either. You want a facility that can offer personalized, individual, and focused attention to every senior resident in their care. Unfortunately, this will not be possible if the center is understaffed. You also want to make sure that your loved one is not just a number that falls through the cracks in their system and that they are given the consistent care and attention they deserve.
Looking beyond the front doors of a nursing home is very important. Fancy furniture in the waiting room may be nice, but be honest with yourself – you’re the only one who’s going to be in that waiting room. When choosing a nursing home, make sure that they are going to keep your loved one safe.

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